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Donut Boats

What is the Donut Boat?

Picture this: you and your friends are out on the water for a day of fun, but you’re hungry. You wish you could fire up the grill for some tasty burgers or ribs, but you’re on a boat, so you make do with the cooler of snacks you brought along.

If you had a Donut Boat, though, you would have the best of both worlds. Donut Boats are exactly what they sound like – a round, donut-shaped boat with a grill in the middle that lets you enjoy a fantastic meal while you are on the water. A shade umbrella covers the entire boat for comfort.

Made of fiberglass or high-density polyethylene, the Donut Boat has a hard hull that you cannot puncture. The boat will not sink, even if it fills with water, so you will stay safe while you have a great time.

The Donut Boat can seat up to 10 people around the charcoal grill centered in the middle of the boat. Underneath the grill area is a “well” with water in it that will extinguish any hot coals that fall from the grill. A table with molded areas to hold your food and drink surrounds the grill.

Special features are available when you purchase a Donut Boat, including the low-smoke grill, the folding sunshade, LED rainbow lighting, a sound system with an MP3 player, an ice beverage bowl, storage under the seats, and more.

The boat has a very low draft, so it can maneuver easily in shallow water. It is perfect for easy cruises on the Intracoastal waterways and small lakes. The Donut Boat has a top speed of 5-7 miles per hour and is powered by a Honda Outboard Motor that comes standard.

The Donut Boats provide endless days of fun with your family, and it is also a great way to promote your business. You can take your employees out for a cruise, and you can give your clients, potential clients, and other guests a unique experience they won’t find anywhere else. Because the boat is bright and eye-catching, it will attract a lot of attention, which can only mean good things for you.

Depending on your audience, you can make the boat as elegant as you want with white linens, you can go the casual route and grill your meal, or you can just enjoy beverages by turning the grill area into a giant ice bucket.

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This boat is a fantastic way to provide new and different experiences for your friends and family. They will have a blast boating, grilling, eating, and enjoying each other’s company – call today to find out how to bring your Donut Boats home as soon as possible!

Technical Specifications:

*Additional Info: Some customers have found an alternative product. There is a similar product in China, but with their product comes issues. The boats from China are made from plastic, as opposed to the official BBQ Donut Boats which are made from fiberglass. In addition, the BBQ Donut Boats are US Coast Guard Certified. If you decide to purchase a similar product from China, be wary as you may have issues getting the proper certificates and licenses needed to bring your boat on the water.

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