Kliggy karts, innovative electric vehicles, revolutionize urban transportation with their compact size, eco-friendliness, and maneuverability. These small, electric-powered vehicles offer a sustainable alternative, reducing congestion and emissions in densely populated areas. With their potential to alleviate traffic issues and promote green mobility, Kliggy karts represent a crucial step towards a cleaner and more efficient urban transport system, addressing the growing concerns of environmental sustainability and urban development.


About Kliggy Karts and Royal EV

Royal EV believes in putting safety, performance, and reliability first so our customers can expect many years of enjoyment out of our Kliggy Karts – golf carts. Whether your golf cart needs are for personal use or commercial use, we have the perfect golf cart solution for just about every need.

Royal’s founders have spent the last six years selling and servicing many different brands and models of golf carts. Because of their experience, they realized most golf carts lack the safety and performance features needed as more and more families and businesses rely on golf carts in their everyday lives.

Royal EV’s mission is to engineer, design, and manufacture the most modern, safest, and highest-quality golf carts the industry has ever seen or experienced. Their goal will always be to set the bar higher and be the benchmark in the industry in terms of safety, engineering, and customer satisfaction which reflects the quality of each Kliggy Karts.



Hey everybody, my name is John Fisher. Welcome to ToysForBigBoys | Discover Luxury Products, News and Services so you know what last couple of years man we’ve had some problems with this supply chain and we’re getting tons of orders and we just couldn’t get the product over here so I need to change my thinking – I’m trying to get as much US nonstop as possible. Fucked up 203. We should go shopping for a golf cart from a nice community. I wanted to find a street-legal one and I started shopping around looking at used cars looking at new cars trying to spend 10 $12,000 you know but I thought it looking and I couldn’t believe the price is it 1920 $23,000 I was like yeah I think I’m gonna pass you know I was gonna buy a used one but I’m not a huge car kind of guy I like warranty and I like brand new stuff I’m too old to be playing with you stuff so one of my customers from another company called him up and I said a while or JONNA start a brand new business I said really what are you doing? He goes golf carts and I’m like  Golf carts I’ll give it up he was John I’ve got a golf cart in the $12,000 range of a mall anybody’s mind and then let me tell you the features we have to forget the batteries with the pouring the water in the ass if you don’t, we’re running on the 72 vaults in the 48 V lithium batteries with a five-year warranty. These things have a sweet sleep mode in a feature that rack and pinion steering are powder coated. He’s got electromagnetic parking brakes, and heavy-duty, rear leaf springs. He’s got a fog lights high, low beam highlights street legal which is really important. Adjustable front seat on all six Cedars  And a Bluetooth stereo a Tesla with a little computer screen I’m telling you man I am so damn excited about it and guess what the supply chain is like the worst scenario to maybe three weeks to get it if you take a look at the picture and look at it, so I am so excited about this product. We haven’t been in a long time because he’s close  Was for years put in a kick-ass in this industry. People are going to hate us because we are so damn competitive and the product I mean imagine the stupid acid batteries recharge my lithium batteries you don’t end the 48 Chevy 2040 minutes I mean who needs 40 minutes for a golf cart anyway take a look at the cookies carts fill out the form if you’re a serious person if you think it’s great that’s why and really serious and you want to buy one of them we can customize the colors we can do anything I’m getting one real soon. I’m just trying to figure out the walking figuration I have I want if you have any questions feel free to call me at JOHN FISHER toys for big boys.com could use carts 56123903640 one more thing if you’ve got a high luxury item and you like to be on toys for big boys.com we’re not like right before Dupont registry we’re not charging your front unless it’s a huge should’ve used the new division we don’t get paid unless you sell house that that’s what I’m gonna give you for a teaser again 561-239-0364. We got some used stuff but a snow will sell for you. 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God Bless.