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So you want to scuba dive but don’t have a buddy to go with you? No problem! Take PETER with you and experience high-tech diving! What is the PETER Scuba Diving System?

Our Unique Scuba Diving System

Our PETER Scuba Diving System is a high-tech multi-user diving system that uses compressed air tanks similar to those of the SCUBA system. However, the main difference between the two is that our PETER system is connected to long air tubes that reach and remain at the surface of the water while divers move about freely in the ocean. Moreover, divers are attached to a floating object on the surface so there is no need for buoyancy support. This unique experience allows you to explore the ocean bottom without trepidation.
How does PETER work?
Our PETER submergible equipment is made of three components: the raft, the Hose System, and a quick-release weight belt.
The PETER raft is a yellow, attractive, ergonomic, and hydrodynamic state-of-the-art floating device designed to hold the air tank. PETER’s raft is made from unsinkable materials. Divers of all ages are welcome to use our product. Moreover, it comes with a nautical Alfa flag to warn boats and ships that they must slow down because of divers below.
The raft also offers itself as a floatation device that you can hold on to. In case you need to reach the surface and hold on tight. This makes it easier during an emergency because you can hold onto the floating device without fear of sinking. The raft allows you to hold on when you get a cramp or need to take a short break.
Hose System
The Hose System performs as a depth limiter that can be modulated according to the depth you plan to reach. However, keep in mind that the maximum attainable depth is 6m. 6m is the allotted depth humans are allowed to dive without suffering from decompression sickness and/or as it is commonly known: the bends).
As a double safety feature, the Hose System is equipped with quick connectors that rotate. This rotation enables you to move without fear of being disconnected.
Quick-release Weight Belt
The belt allows you to move about freely because it was designed to counterbalance the human body’s natural positive buoyancy. The quick-release belt is made to fit all types of body sizes so there is no need to worry about fit. The quick-release system permits you to keep your air supply and drop the weight belt in case of an emergency.
How safe is the PETER diving scuba system?
PETER is certifiably safe. Our system has been tested and found to be “the safest and easiest diving system in existence”. Each component (raft, Hose System, quick-release weight belt) has been tested and passed for accuracy, sturdiness, and safety.
What are Peter’s Points
Peter Points are designated locations where you can submerge in the deep water and enjoy a unique experience that includes amazing customer service. Our customer service follows PETER Diving’s core values, philosophy, and environmental ethics. environmental ethics.
Our pioneering Peter Points are located in Portugal, two islands in Maldives, Mexico, Mallorca, Curacao, Cabo Verde, Marsa Alam (Egypt), Calabria (Italy), Formentera and Menorca.

What is PETER Yacht?

PETER Yacht is an emergency maintenance tool for yachts.
PETER’s standard system allows multiple divers to reach the required depth to complete repairs. PETER Yacht is a critical asset to businesses and comes in 3 kit types:
PETER Yacht Basic
Comes with no cylinder.
PETER Yacht Steel
Comes with a 12L stainless steel air tank.
PETER Yacht Carbon
This is the most compact of the two systems. It comes with a 9L carbon fiber cylinder and a premier automatic alarm.
If you want to experience safer diving, then PETER is for you. Our mission is “to make diving easier and more available to persons of all ages by means of light, compact, safe and environmentally friendly system”.
Moreover, safer diving via our Hose System and quick-release weight belt you can rest assured you will remain connected to our Hose System and rack. Explore and even take photos in areas where the tank would limit your freedom to roam.
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