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Cipollini USA is a renowned cycling brand, synonymous with cutting-edge design and high-performance bicycles. Specializing in crafting elite road bikes, Cipollini merges Italian craftsmanship with advanced technology, producing machines tailored for professional and enthusiast cyclists alike. These sleek and aerodynamic cycles embody speed, precision, and a commitment to excellence.

Cipollini USA Bicycles

What are Cipollini Bikes?

Cipollini bicycles are the only frames in the world entirely conceived, designed, manufactured, and tested in Italy. This is no mass-produced, buy-it-anywhere-you-want bike that you can pull off the rack and ride down the street. This is an honest-to-goodness racing bike that will give you the sweetest ride you have ever experienced on two wheels.

Not just anyone can own a Cipollini. Demand is high because of limited quantities – the company only makes about 2,000 frames each year, but each frame is handcrafted to exact specifications. Cycling industry experts said building monocoque frames could not be done in Italy, but Cipollini is blowing all expectations away.

Cipollini has brought in engineers, stylists, and skilled artisans to create a revolutionary design unlike anything other frame produced on the market today. Their patented Atomlink® system attaches the chainstays to the monocoque front triangle by bonding them entirely around the lower bracket area, which gives you maximum drivetrain stiffness for the best performance.

While many Italian manufacturers claim to reach high standards of innovation and production, most of them cannot back up their claims with actual results. Cipollini does just that – they set the benchmarks high and then they deliver on their claims.

Each Cipollini frame includes a unique coded warranty card and a unique coded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) embedded in the frame. These features assure you that you are getting a genuine Cipollini frame and not an imitation.

If you are looking for performance, prestige, and passion in your bicycle frame, Cipollini is the clear choice.

More Details

Cipollini bicycles are made of carbon for the highest possible performance. At least eight different models of frames are available, depending on what type of riding you want to do. You can also design your dream bike by working with the company.

Cipollini Bicycles was started by legendary biking champion Mario Cipollini. After a 17-year career, including more than 190 official victories, Cipollini wanted to develop a bike that would transfer all of an athlete’s power to the ground, resulting in the highest speeds possible. He conveyed the mindset that enabled him to dominate the engineers and craftsmen of his team, so they produce bikes as unique as their namesake, with high technological value and fine craftsmanship.

Because the entire production process, supply chain, and factory production is located in Italy under the leadership of Italian craftsmen and technicians, control and process integration ensure top-quality results. You will never be disappointed with the marvel that is a Cipollini bike.

Buy Cipollini Bikes

Cipollini bikes are available at a network of dealers throughout the United States. Prices are not listed on the manufacturer’s website, but they generally run from at least $4,000 to $7,000 or more. You can find the list of U.S. dealers on the site. Contact these dealers or contact the home company through the website for more information on Cipollini bikes. You will not regret the investment in one of the finest high-end bicycles in the world. Ride on!

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