submarines by Triton underwater with people

Exploring The Ocean

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a fear of the ocean, and no it is not because of the movie Jaws! I have always been curious though about the beautiful creatures that live in our oceans. Now, thanks to a few companies on Toys for Big Boys my curiosity can be quenched. First, let’s take a look at the Scubster. The Scubster is a luxury submarine that is pedal powered (count me out) and has a faster cruising speed than divers with flippers and can carry more oxygen bottles. The Scubster would be an exploration tool for divers and scientists working in the oceanographic field. scubster5 Second, we have the Yellow Submarine. No, it does not come with its very own Beatle. This luxury submarine is meant to be the ultimate water toy for the wealthiest connoisseur, the yellow submarine comes together with a luxurious yacht that operates as a platform for launch and recovery. Not only can you fit six people (including the pilot), there is also a refrigerator and a toilet onboard. Really cool except I would have to take out a second mortgage on my house for the submarine and then what do I do about the yacht? yellow-submarine

Third, and probably the most stylish submersible on the site is the Ortega. Powered by two high-powered, electric motors and constructed for both over and underwater activity, fully equipped with a trimming tank, onboard breathing apparatus and HUD navigation system. Though the Ortega submersibles cannot go as deep as the other submarines they can also ride on top of the water. There are two models that can hold up to 3 people. I may have to include this one on my bucket list. ortega10 Lastly and my favorite the Triton Submarines. It was first made available for the purposes of scientific research and certain film and media activities. And now, finally, it has become available for ordinary people looking only for adventure amongst the flora, fauna, and fishes of the deep. Again, it is meant to deploy from a yacht. The only option I have is to make friends with a yacht owner and convince him/her to purchase a submarine (like that is going to happen). For now, I will have to settle for going to a resort that offers exploration excursions. triton-6600