lounge chair by loopita in front of a pool

Loopita Circular Lounge Chair

What is the Loopita Lounge Chair?

The Loopita is an elegant circular lounge chair designed both as a chair where two people can sit comfortably and as a fashionable conversation piece that adds sophistication and flair to any environment.

The Loopita and other pieces like it are created by Victor Aleman, a young industrial designer based in Mexico City who focuses on the relationship between the digital and analog worlds in design. His goal is to merge the process of complex digital fabrication with the timeless beauty of craftsmanship.

Aleman is the creative lead of Estudio Victor Aleman, where he envisions the future of objects and interactions in an innovative context that allows for free thinking and fantastic new creations. The unique spirit that inspires Aleman is captured in his products and cannot remain hidden. Aleman won a Red Dot “Luminary” award in 2010 for his work. Only one “Luminary” award is presented annually.

This merging of digital and analog worlds has led to some innovative products, such as folding bikes, airless footballs (soccer balls), unique furniture, parametric design facades, saving water showers, cultural packaging, future city transport, and social help products.

Aleman focuses on meeting customers’ needs by successfully merging the concept of unique expression with an assembly-line type process to get the products out the door and to clients.

Their goal is to find what is potentially possible; Aleman believes that objects in perfect balance become a new creative product in and of themselves.

The Loopita

One of Victor Aleman’s most popular products is his signature Loopita. The Loopita is a circular chaise lounge made from Russian birch plywood and covered with high-density foam for comfortable seating. The two flat sides on the floor make for opposing endpoints and intriguing seating arrangements with a loop in between.

More than just a striking conversation piece – though it is indeed that – the Loopita provides a space where people can interact in an open and yet strangely intimate way. The concept seems so simple and so beautifully elegant all at once.

The Loopita brings an end to thoughts of loneliness – it is a social chaise lounge, built for two people to enjoy each other’s company, read, share a few moments, or just partake in a friendly conversation. It is both public and private at the same time.

The Loopita lounge chair has been featured in several books and magazines around the world. Prestigious hotels and architects are featuring the Loopita as a finishing touch to their decorations. The Cannes Film Festival in France and the Trump Ocean Club are two organizations that chose to use the Loopita.

The design of the Loopita was created digitally, and then it was created and produced with modern production techniques including CNC machining. Hand craftsmanship of some of the wood by experienced artisans combines with the digital side to produce what Aleman calls digital craftsmanship. This way, the human touch is added to a digitally created object to give it some life and vigor.

Buying from Victor Aleman

Victor Aleman is a bright, young Mexican designer who has created several furniture products with his inimitable style of digital craftsmanship. His products are displayed on his website, but they are not listed with sale prices, so if you are interested in his fresh new designs, get in touch with LEFT, a new company also spearheaded by Victor and other business partners that is exclusively licensed to sell Victor’s products.

Buying a Loopita will establish you as a forward-thinking and fashionable person who isn’t afraid to try something new. It’s a purchase you won’t regret!

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