luxury train by Backyard Trains features an orange and yellow train on a backyard tracks

Be A Kid Again!

I bet when you take your little ones to the local fair or carnival one of the first rides they are not afraid of is the train ride.  Or even as an adult riding on a train listening to the sounds of the wheels on the tracks, and yes they are called wheels, I always find that sound comforting for some reason.      Well, now you can have a luxury train by Backyard Train Company on your own property!   I can just imagine the fun and memories you could have riding the rails in your own yard.  How envious the neighbors will be.  The only downfall would be the number of neighbors that now want to be your best friend.  I wish they came in a much smaller size  so we could put one in the Toys for Big Boys office
train6                           train8-920x517