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Meze Audio

Meze Audio Headphone

What is a Meze Headphone?

Meze blends high-end audio with comfort. Music was never meant to be a transient experience. It is supposed to immerse your body and mind and Meze Headphones are built around this very principle. A warm natural sound is not only made possible by technology. It’s also a function of the real wood design of these unique and stylish headphones.

What’s there to life if you can’t enjoy the music you like? This is the motivation behind Meze, a passion for music and art. Not trends and fashion, although their products are rather stylish. The engineering, design, and crafting are timeless. High-end audio technology is integrated into wood housings. Walk the urban landscape looking natural and wearing the latest in personal audio.

Headphone Models

Four models are available from Meze. The Meze 11 Classics are portable but don’t let their ebony wood housing and light design fool you. Their tiny neodymium speakers are powerful. Even make calls and record your voice using the built-in microphone. A warm, natural sound is reproduced precisely and the soft silicone earbuds fit perfectly. Each one is unique since the handcrafted ebony varies in grain and pattern.

The Meze 11 Deco earphones are perfect if you’re looking to blend style and function. They also have three sizes of silicone ear tips so comfort is not an issue. These smaller earphones have a beech wood enclosure. Like the Classic series, they come with an EVA carrying case. You can use them with CD and DVD players and iPhones, iPods, Android, and Blackberry devices.

If full-size immersive headphones are what you need, then the 99 Classics Gold gives you the perfect audio experience. Again the focus is on style. The walnut wood earcups and soft earpads surround your ears with natural sound. The satin wood finish grain is actually unique every time. No two are alike so even when you’re grooving to the same beat as your friend, their Meze’s will never be the same as yours. Cast zinc alloy hardware, a manganese spring steel headband, memory foam, an electroplated coating, and leather round out the features.

The last in the Meze headphones series is the 99 Classics Silver. Complete with similar features as the Gold series counterparts, these have maple wood earcups and the same superior performance.

More Details About The Meze Headphone

Meze Headphones is very specific about how its products look. To be specific, the wood you wear is air-dried walnut lumber, which is dried for 18 months and shaped to the precise shape each headphone has. A meticulous process for shaping the earcups follows. Sanding, lacquering, and finishing take 45 days until the product’s quality reaches the pinnacle of what you’ll treasure for a very long time.

With a flawless design, you get state-of-the-art audio technology in a 40 mm transducer. A frequency response of 15 Hz to 15 KHz and sensitivity of 103 dB at 1 KHz, 1 mW is yours to be had. Numbers and technical specs are the farthest from your mind when you’re immersed in music, but these technical details make the dream possible.

Buy A Meze Headphone

Meze 11 Classics and 11 Deco headphones are available for $79.00. The 99 Classics Gold and Silver are being sold for $309.00. Shipped free in the United States and around the world, they are yours for the have by registering and choosing your dream audio experience online. High-quality audio headphones are no longer exclusive to only the privileged. Here’s a perfect example of a luxury you never have to live or be without ever again.

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