vintage cars muscle cars with a blue monte carlo

What’s up with Men and Muscle Cars?

I never really understood the infatuation grown men have with their cars. When my men friends start talking about their muscle cars as well as vintage cars. I think of Hulk Hogan driving a Trans Am! When actually a “muscle car” refers to a high-performance luxury 2-door sports car with powerful engines. In other words, you do not need mega muscles to drive a muscle car. With that in mind, I remember growing up in a small town in NJ that maybe had two traffic lights. I remember meeting on the main thorofare and cheering on our favorite muscle cars to win the race. Even my sister participated with a 1970 something Monte Carlo with mag wheels, air shocks and all the necessary equipment to be a true muscle car. We lived on a dirt road and they would dry wash their cars after riding on the dirt road so it was so shiny you could see yourself in the wheels before heading into town. There was, of course, the “king” of muscle car racing in our small town until my sister blew him off the road. So now that I think about it I guess I am also a big fan of muscle cars since they did leave me with a lot of fun memories. Vintage cars are nostalgic!monte                                                                                                                         my sisters’ car 1966-chevrolet-nova                                                                                                                         Dennis’ car (not red)