luxury water bike by schiller bikes with someone riding on a lake with a beach

Ride a bike on water?

One luxury water toy that has been on Toys for Big Boys basically from the start is Schiller Bikes.  What an absolutely brilliant idea!  With all the mindless drivers on the road, I really cannot understand how bikers (not motor)  stay safe on the asphalt.  Not only does Schiller keep bikers safe from the hazards of the road but wow what a workout!  Water sports enthusiasts and cyclists alike could enjoy water biking purely for sport, recreation and fun.

I don’t know about biking on the ocean how would you get over the waves and if you happen to fall off, I would feel so sorry for the other people in the water if the get hit with a large water bike. The bike would be perfect in South Florida with all our beautiful lake. One upside to the Schiller bike when doing your cardio if you get too sweaty just jump in the water and cool off.  It may be pretty hard to get back on too, though.

Both of Schillers’ water bicycle models are totally adjustable. Regardless of whether you are five feet tall, or six feet, five inches tall, Schiller has a water bicycle that is the ideal size for you. You can likewise modify the shade of your Schiller Water Bike. With the alternative of browsing different blends of red, dark, white and silver, your luxury water toy, Schiller Water Bike will be ideaI If you know of a couple resorts in the area that rent them,  I may have to give this a try!