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Tonke Campers

What are Tonke Campers?

Tonke Campers are the Apple products of the camper and RV world. Sleek, sophisticated, stylish, and miles beyond what other companies have envisioned, Tonke Campers can take you farther than you ever dreamed.

Founded by a former documentary film director named Maarten van Soest in 2005, Tonke is based in the Netherlands. Their campers are a cross between a gypsy wagon and a high-end yacht, with a truck thrown in for good measure.

The Build

Here’s how they work: Tonke builds the camper portion of the vehicle as a self-contained living unit. The camper unit can be hauled on the back of a Mercedes Sprinter truck. When you reach your destination, hydraulic legs allow the camper to be set directly on the ground, and the truck can be used as a vehicle on its own. Once the camper portion is on the ground, it can remain there indefinitely if desired. The compact living space makes for an ideal getaway space, guesthouse, writing retreat, and more.

Tonke campers come in two main lines – the Classic Silverline and the Classic Woodline. The Silverline keeps a sleek metal exterior, while the Woodline features a classic wooden exterior with metal highlights.

More Details

All Tonke models feature the company’s highly meticulous attention to quality and detail. Anything that can be custom-made probably is. Some models have teak interior panels, flooring, and ceilings, along with retro-style colored furniture, lacquered cabinetry, and a surprising amount of kitchen counter space. A two-burner stove, refrigerator, and sink are also included.

Wood-paneled bathrooms include an eco-friendly toilet and hand-held shower, along with a frost-free fresh water tank and a heating system for the vehicle. In various models, Tonke campers include permanent or convertible dining and sleeping areas that can easily hold two to three people. French doors in the back open for easy access and outdoor dining, while hidden storage areas let you bring along bicycles or other outdoor accessories.

Camper Vehicles

Tonke vans are available now as well. These compact, versatile camper vans are perfectly suited for quick overnight camping trips. They even work well for everyday use at home.

Several custom models of Tonke campers are available, including a Low Rider model (non-detachable) and the 300 and 400 series (van-style campers for those who want Tonke style and quality in a less obtrusive vehicle). The Cruiser is a custom-built trailer version and the Voyager is a larger custom trailer with space for six to seven people.

Tonke can also build custom cabins that follow the same principles as their cabins but are larger and more permanent. They are available with “off the grid” packages that enable you to live in the cabin in a self-sustaining manner, free of electricity gas, and water needs.

If none of these options work well for you, Tonke is always willing to take on a custom project that better meets your needs. The company is passionate about doing the best work possible, no matter if their project is a standard model or a new custom version.

Buy Tonke Campers

Like Apple products, Tonke Campers don’t come cheaply – there’s a cost for the custom, stylish work. However, they will ship to Europe and even to the United States. Their website does not list a specific price, but according to other websites, prices can range from about 62,000 Euros (about $71,000 U.S.) for a camper with no vehicle to about 103,000 Euros (about $118,500 U.S.) for a camper with a Mercedes Sprinter truck.

If you’re captivated by the idea of an RV, but you’re turned off by the less-than-stylish models you’ve seen, a Tonke Camper may be just what you need. Connect with Tonke today to find your perfect model!

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