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What is Radinn’s Wakejet?

Radinn is home to the world’s first electric wakeboard. Whether you are a beginner or been hitting the waves for decades, Radinn’s electric wakeboard, named Wakejets, bring technology to the forefront.

Radinn was started by Philip Werner and with the collaboration from his partner, Alexander Lind, the Wakejet was designed. The duo met with a team of engineers, entrepreneurs, supply chain specialists, industrialists, and financiers who shared the passion of extreme sports to get the Wakejet into the market.

Imagine crossing the water without depending on the waves, wind, or a boat to get you there. The board is made with a custom jet-propulsion system for more torque and speed, according to Radinn. Wakejets are safe, even for beginners, as the technology monitors the performance and allows for automatic safety mechanisms if ever needed.

You’ll feel safer with a Wakejet. You control the speed. You can take the Wakejet on your next vacation, whether to the ocean, lake, or up a rapid, because you control the speed with a wireless remote.

Radinn’s Wakejet is quiet. No more noisy engines while you are trying to relax. Lie across the Wakejet like a body board and travel up to 46km (~29 mph) per hour.

Even while not moving, the Wakejet can hold up to 285 pounds. You also have the ability to use the board while standing, sitting, or lying down as removable straps are included.

If you do find your Wakejet submerged underwater, don’t worry. The Wakejet is 100 percent waterproof. The battery is removable and recharges in about two hours. Now you can take your next vacation up a notch with Radinn’s Wakejet.

Born in Sweden, Radinn’s Wakejet is innovative and has been featured or mentioned by such key media and companies as The Huffington Post, The Verge, Forbes, Red Bull, and Boat International.

More Details on Electric Wakeboard

Radinn’s Wakejet is all electric wakeboard with a rechargeable and removable battery. You can charge the battery in as little as two hours. Reaching speeds of up to 46 km per hour, you control how fast you go with the wireless remote.

The wireless remote also signals you to how much battery remains and when to head back, so you are never stranded away from shore or your boat. The battery time can last ~15 to 20 minutes at full speed for the Wakejet and the remote control has a battery life of about five hours. Charging the waterproof remote is easy; simply plug it up to the Radinn inductive charger. When it is ready, you can pack it away in its waterproof compartment within the accompanying hard case.

The Wakejet includes system monitoring with sensors and computers that work in real-time to signal safety mechanisms if they are ever needed.

If you are concerned about the weight of an electric wakeboard, you will be surprised to learn the Wakejet only weighs about 35 kilograms and is 190cm long.

Buy Radinn Products

Radinn’s Wakejet is available in three colors: Pacific Blue, Glacier White, and Amazon Green for 15,000.00 EURO, according to Radinn’s catalog. Each purchase includes the Radinn Power Pack, the Radinn Speed Charger, the Radinn Remote Control, and the Radinn Board Bag.

Everything you need for your next vacation. The only thing you have to decide on is the color. Each color choice is vibrant and beautiful when the water reflects the sun’s rays.

You can view more information about the Wakejet on the Radinn website as well as find contact information. You can also check for any upcoming events like the recent private Wakejet sessions held in Cannes.

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