women making a difference featuring Krithi Karanth a conservation scientist

Women Making a Difference

Women Making a Difference

It is far too easy to stand idly by, passively rooting for a cause, and pretend to feel as if you are making a difference, considering we are living in the age of “slacktivism.” Thankfully, there are several women making a difference out there whose words about making the world a better place are backed up by some rather tremendous deeds. Whether their actions are defined by healing people in need or taking preventative measures to save species, they are strongly demonstrating why actions will always speak louder than words.

women in politics behind the scenesKrista Donaldson

Giving above-knee amputees the power to walk again almost sounds like something out of a science-fiction novel. It is a reality at D-Rev, the medical technology group that Donaldson oversees as CEO. While her company’s low-cost, high-performance “ReMotion” artificial knee tends to take up a lot of the headlines, she also tends to projects related to providing affordable and vital tech to newborns who suffer from ailments like jaundice.

angelica-2Angélica Fuentes

There’s no doubt that the CEO of Omnilife has clout. Technically, she is an executive shareholder of the famed Mexican soccer team Chivas as part of her position with the company. As intriguing at that is, it pales in comparison to using her influence to start up the Angelica Fuentes Foundation; an organization wholly focused on promoting women’s empowerment and equality all throughout Latin America.

women in politics behind the scenesKrithi Karanth

As a conservation scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, it’s easy to just assume that Karanth is involved in protecting animals. What she’s been doing since 2001 goes beyond what we tend to think of as protective measures. Through her study of extinctions and deep studies on how the wild and the progressive nature of man tends to be in conflict, she has led the charge into using research to prevent animal endangerment before it starts.

rapelang-2Rapelang Rabana

To say the founder and CEO of Rekindle Learning is ambitious is an understatement. After all, she’s just 29 years old and has been in the entrepreneurial game since she was 22. However, it is clear that she’s putting all of that moxie to good use, as her company is striving to use modern technology and people’s mobile device habits to bring education to the masses in Africa. What’s more, her spirit is infectious, as her actions have spurred an uptick in young South African men and women getting involved with information technology.

leila-2Leila Takayama

We’ve long gone past the point where robots are the stuff of science fiction. As Senior Researcher at Google, Dr. Takayama is using her well-honed psychological background in order to see how we humans feel about this progression. Through her work in studying how society interacts and engages robots – including the autonomous kind – she is leading the way into learning and predicting how society will co-exist with robots as technology continues to progress from the works of fiction to the realm of reality.

Toys for Big Boys is very proud of these women making a difference and wish them all the best.