aircraft furniture by Fallen Furniture shows a bomb liquor cabinet with white background

Plane Industries Aircraft Furniture

Plane Industries creates aviation art and furniture from reclaimed aircraft parts:

A more distinctive and elegant form of furniture suits your taste. You will not have the dull, boxy, spectacularly boring pieces that populate most homes. For someone of your exquisite style aircraft furniture offers a range of clocks, lighting, tables, and drink cabinets. The last of these in particular is offered in a form that is bound to please you and titillate your guests.

What Plane Furniture Offers

There is no furniture store or studio quite like aircraft furniture. From air-dropped bombs to the fuselages of civilian planes, we reclaim discarded parts from military and civilian aircraft and transform them into pieces of furniture. Our designs are inspired by early and mid-twentieth-century art movements as well as some of the latest ideas in interior design in the present century.

The drinks cabinet is one of our most popular products; and, as a purchase, will become one of yours. It is called The Bomb. Standing tall with a design that is smooth and streamlined to perfection, this masterfully crafted piece has been transformed from a practice cluster bomb into a solid, silver drinks cabinet. The sight of it will both amaze and dazzle your guests. When you open it, they will be further amazed at the three glass shelves inside, which revolve around a gold-plated spindle.

Its dimensions are as follows:
H: 221.0 cm
W: 61.4 cm
D: 61.4 cm

The Bomb can comfortably store a range of spirits and glasses. As a design of originality and aesthetic power, it is without equal.

Design Concepts From Plane Furniture

Perhaps you are in the midst of re-designing the interior of your home. You may even be toying with ideas of how to furnish a home you’ve just bought. Whatever your circumstances, the designs offered by Plane Furniture will expand your conception of what is possible. Rather than resign yourself to the conventional why not go with a look that is bold fresh, and at the same time classic? The pieces sold by Plane Furniture offer you an opportunity to own a little piece of history that you can put at the center of your living space. Using a combination of sustainable metals, textiles, and forms of wood, we carefully shape recovered aircraft parts into furnishing with textures that are extraordinary to behold.

The Bomb In Your Home

The Bomb is one of the many fine pieces offered by Plane Industries. You have worked hard to earn your status and position. Cultivating a sense of taste that suits your temperament and demonstrates your knowledge of and sensitivity to fine things is a natural part of your aspiration to be the best and have the best. A piece of aircraft furniture such as The Bomb is not only useful it is an aesthetic statement. It will give friends, family, and colleagues something to talk about, and it will return to you a constant sense of pride every time you look at it.

The sleek and polished design of The Bomb makes it suitable for just about any home. It can be fit into corners or put alongside walls. Anywhere you make your bar can become the home of The Bomb.

Buying From Plane Furniture

Plane Furniture takes great pride in keeping up our world-class customer service standards. Your business is important to us, and we take great care in ensuring that the process for the order and delivery of the piece you desire is smooth and hassle-free. We are committed to dispatching your order expeditiously and seeing that it is delivered to you safely—at a time and place of your choosing and convenience.

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