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Triton Submarines

The submarine was once monopolized by the great navies of the world. Its ability to submerge beneath the ocean silently stalk surface warships and other submarines and carry intercontinental ballistic missiles made it a great strategic weapon. Until recently, the use of submarine technology was closely monitored and restricted. It was first made available for the purposes of scientific research and certain film and media activities. And now, finally, it has become available for ordinary people looking only for adventure amongst the flora, fauna, and fishes of the deep.

About Triton Submarines

Triton Submarines designs, engineers, and manufactures submersibles for yacht-based deployment. We are a world leader in making and selling submarines. Our focus is on designing submarines that will provide you with a truly captivating underwater experience.

A Triton Submarine—the Perfect Compliment for your Yacht

If you are a yacht owner, you may have always felt that something is missing. You have the freedom to travel to any sea that takes your interest and enjoy all that it has to offer in scenes of stunning and breathtaking beauty. However, your experience is necessarily limited to the surface. A Triton submersible will give you the opportunity to explore all that lies below. In places that you know have wonderful coral and other underwater sights, you will now be able to deploy your submarine and see them for yourself, as well as take along the friends, family, and colleagues you’ve brought on the trip with you. Having such an option can make your yachting trip complete, and it can add greatly to your sense of satisfaction and adventure.

How Triton Works for You

Purchasing a Triton submersible is just the beginning. At Triton, we take pride in providing you with first-rate service in operations, maintenance, upgrade and refit, and a host of other services. We provide you with a pilot technician and general operations services. Triton offers a permanent staff to run and maintain your submersible anywhere in the world. We also give you fast and reliable maintenance service as needed. Our general maintenance coverage includes:

  • Quarterly and Annual Service
  • Special Periodical
  • Inspection Services
  • Classification Testing and Recertification

Painting, polishing, corrosion analysis, and putting on protective coating are also part of our service.

Why You Should Choose Triton

The business of building, operating, and maintaining a submersible is serious. It is not something that every shop, however competent they look, can do—safely. Triton Submarines is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). They are the gold standard among classification societies for civil submarines and shipping. Submersibles that have no classification whatsoever cannot be insured and are not legally allowed to carry passengers. The fact that Triton Submarines is credentialed by the highest such agency makes us the obvious choice for those who want to avoid all liabilities, hazards, and other contingencies when operating their submersible.

The submarines themselves are built to work reliably under any conditions. The people who operate and maintain Triton Submersible also distinguish us from other companies. Our people have many years of experience in handling our crafts and a great deal of insight in keeping them running efficiently and safely.

Take Your Adventure Under the Sea

Prepare yourself to see a side of the ocean that you never have before. Now you can enjoy the underwater world in a way that few have. A Triton Yacht-based submersible will allow you to turn simple boating excursions into extraordinary underwater explorations. Get a view of nature that you and those who are with you will treasure forever. Triton submarines can help you live the adventure of underwater tourism.

For More

We are here to answer any questions, for more info, please visit our contact page at Contact Us | to reach us via email or call us at 1-855-533-8697, thank you, and have a great day.