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Airdrome, a cutting-edge aerospace technology company, is revolutionizing the skies with innovative aviation solutions. Specializing in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drone technology, Airdrome develops high-performance drones for various applications. From aerial photography and surveillance to agricultural monitoring, their products push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of flight.

Airdrome Aeroplanes

What is Airdrome Aeroplanes?

Airdrome Aeroplanes is the company behind incredible ¾ scale flying replica kits, featuring historic planes like the Fokker D-VIII and Bleriot XI. Go back to a simpler time by taking to the sky in a vintage-style aircraft like no other.

Based out of rural Holden, Missouri, the crew at Airdrome Aeroplanes will provide you with an excellent replica in a short time. In addition, the entire plane will only take up the space of a one-car garage. No stress about finding somewhere to park it, which can be a huge perk for those interested in getting into this popular niche hobby.

Something that makes this company unique is that each kit is easy to set up, only requiring basic hand tools that most already have on hand. All the machined and welded pieces come pre-fabricated for convenience. In about 300 to 400 person-hours, you can have your own vintage airplane to enjoy.

All plane kits come with an instructional video to make construction easy enough for an amateur builder to put together in no time. Once constructed, you’re sure to enjoy hours and hours of fun utilizing the airplane.

Imagine taking off to the sky in the same plane as the Red Baron did, wind in your hair, goggles over your eyes, and a beautiful horizon to explore just waiting for you. Aerodrome Aeroplanes make that daydream a reality. You can go back in time and envision a world that is lost to us now.

More Details

There are consistently new aircraft being designed at Airdrome Aeroplanes. You can enjoy flying in the same planes that sailed in the sky during World War I. Fokker and Tabue planes are available, which were flown by the Central Powers. Allie planes are also available.

The most well-known planes coming out of Airdrome Aeroplanes include the four full-scale Nieuport 17s that are crafted for the hit movie from 2006, Flyboys.

The Fokker D-VI is built to be nearly identical to the original, other than in size. Everything comes together into a product to be proud of, with authenticity in aspects down to the final painting.

If you’re more interested in Allie planes during the period, Airdrome Aeroplanes has a dozen different Nieuports and a couple of Sopwiths. There are also ultralight airplanes and even two-seaters so you and a friend can take off into the clouds together.

The ultralight kits come in Fokker-D-VIII, E-111, and D-VI, as well as the Dream Classic and Dream Fantasy. Anyone who enjoys watching Snoopy in full aviation gear will want to check out the Dream Classic, which is vibrant and colorful.

Features that make these planes different from competitors are the responsive controls, engine options that are modern, sleek tube and rivet construction, and triplane bracing. Each and every aircraft is CAD-designed with small details to make it stand out.

Every plane meets the speed and weight requirements required for Light Sport Aircraft, while ultralights meet the requirement of Part 103. No worrying about whether you’re using an excellent product, Airdrome Aeroplanes handles the heavy lifting for you.

Buy Airdrome Aeroplanes Products

Aircraft kits range in price, but you can get an ultralight for about $4 to $5 thousand dollars or a World War I replica in the range of $5000 to $15000, depending on options. Basic kits tend to be a bit cheaper than the deluxe options.

The deluxe is similar to the basic kits but includes a complete airframe kit, engine mount, and fuel tank. All planes are currently being sold and can be shipped to you in only a short time. The process is streamlined to offer convenience.

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