snowblower by robotshop orange and black in the driveway

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Let it snow!  I know, easy for me to say living in South Florida.  But, I was born and raised in Northeast New Jersey so I went through my fair share of snow storms.  I remember as a child as soon as the forecasters started talking snow we would stare out the window waiting for that first flake to fall from the sky.  We would go to bed with anticipation that school would be closed.  We would get up in the wee hours of the morning listening to the radio waiting for our school to be announced.  Back then we didn’t have luxury sleds like the Snogo or  Hillstrike we had the Saucer, a round metal sled that there was no way to steer and you would  have to fall off of the thing in order to stop.  There were quite a few times my sister forgot to fall off and ended up either on or in the lake at the bottom of the hill.

snogo                                                                                                                   hillstrike29-1


Back then the snowmobiles were nothing like they are today.  Now we have snowmobiles that look like they came from the movie Madmax.  Crazy Mountain has the luxury snowmobiles that my visitors go nuts for whenever I post them.   CMX snowmobiles are constructed from scratch. This ensures they are some of the highest performing and best quality snowmobiles available.  My sister took me snowmobiling once and I was never so scared in all my life although I couldn’t stop smiling I believe it was her radical driving that almost gave me a heart attack!


As we get older and wiser we are more concerned with how to get rid of the deadly white stuff, I am still talking about snow!  Now this is what I call luxury.  A snowblower you can operate from the comfort of your nice cozy house. Robotshop offers this robotic luxury snowblower that my family in New Jersey would probably kill for.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to watch all your neighbors shoveling and plowing their driveways, getting hurt backs, freezing their butts off while you have a nice clean driveway without getting cold?