barbecue table bu ibbq with chairs and food

Now that’s barbecuing!

What brings people together more than anything?  A barbecue!  This picnic table by iBBQ is a luxury barbecue table which is the best invention since charcoal.  What a nice way to sit down and enjoy a picnic, everyone grilling their own burgers and dogs on the grill right in the middle of the table.  No longer does the man of the house have to stand over the extreme heat sweating in that burger you have been waiting for all day.  Not only can each person cook their own burger to the temperature that they like it will come without that secret ingredient called perspiration.

What separates the Angara from other open air eating tables is its implicit flame broil. Yes, you heard that privilege – the luxury barbecue table accompanies a barbecue included. What’s more, not only a flame broil, the Angara was built to hold three separate barbecues each with autonomously controlled gas and warmth settings.

One of the best parts of the Angara is that it doesn’t compromise with regards to the magnificence of its outline. Notwithstanding the high usefulness of the in-table flame broil, the table is out of this world rich and upscale.

So get your very own Angara and enjoy this luxury bbq table in the backyard of your own home.  Nothing beats friends, food and wine while enjoying a delicious meal under the stars!