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EcoloBlue Water

What is EcoloBlue: Water Generator?

EcoloBlue is the company that has developed the EB 30ME Deluxe Solar Kit, an atmospheric water generator (AWG), that gives a whole new meaning to being off-grid.

Storms, hurricanes, climate change, and the never-ending fear of the electrical grid collapse, having access to cool fresh water is a growing concern.  That is where EcoloBlue, with the solar atmospheric water generator (AWGS)technology, is meeting the needs of anyone wanting an alternative source of water.

Air contains moisture, EcoloBlue’s technology collects the water from the air, filters it, and purifies it for drinking and survival purposes.  The EB 30ME Solar Kit can produce 1-3 gallons of H2O each day depending on the humidity and the sun’s light.  A battery backup can be purchased separately for a solution to emergency or off-grid uses for a continuous supply of pure water.

How Does a Solar Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) Work?

  • Humidity and temperature diver the EB 30 ME solar atmospheric generator
  • The EB 30ME Solar Kit can generate water based solely on the humidity in the atmosphere with the sun’s light or battery-generated backup system
  • Extraction of water from the humidity in the air – 40 percent humidity or greater is needed
  • Harness the power of the sun – can use the battery-powered backup
  • The warm air that is full of moisture passes through an electromagnetic air filter and over-cooled coils causing condensation
  • The condensation collected is filtered and purified
  • The squeezed water is collected in a tank and treated with UV light to kill any bacteria or viruses along with other contaminants.
  • The UV light inhibits bacteria growth in the reservoir
  • Drinkable pure water is stored in tanks until needed

EcoloBlue’s developers have designed a sleek-looking, technologically advanced system that weighs approximately 130 pounds.  The water produced ranges from a cold 39°F to as hot as 203°F. The filtered water has an average Ph of 7.0 to 7.5.  Additional filtering systems can be purchased to achieve a Ph of 10. Separate tanks store the cooled and hot waters until ready for use.

More Details

The EB 30ME Deluxe Solar series has safety features to protect children and adults.  A leak detection device is built into the device for the protection of any hot water seepage.

Changing the filters every six months and regular maintenance, as with any appliance, the EcoloBlue Solar System can be in service for ten or more years, producing H2O from the air with the help of the sun.  Whether looking to have a unit for your home, office, or even general agriculture needs, EcoloBlue has the unit for you.

EcoloBlue’s AWGs give the adventurer in all of us, the eco-friendly or if you are just wanting options, a safe and seamless design for a limitless supply of pure water for drinking anytime.  EcoloBlue has developed advanced technology at an affordable price when one is considering an unlimited water supply available anytime. The EB 30ME Deluxe Solar Kit in white color, prices start at $3,050.00.

The kit includes:

  • 1 EB 30 Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) for Maximum Efficiency
  • 1 Mobile Inverter Cabinet – 2000-Watt 110V/60Hz
  • 1 40A/24V Controller
  • 3 Cabling/Hardware

Two 200 AH batteries are available for purchase at your local automotive dealer.  The batteries are required but not included in the purchase price of the kit.

When you are preparing for any disaster, whether it is human-made or a natural disaster, or you dream of going off-grid, EcoloBlue has the technology and the Solar Atmospheric Water Generator system to provide you with a sustainable water supply.  Water from the air with the help of the sun and EcoloBlue.