De Pol Watches is a company with a US patch on a leather jacket

De Pol Watch Company

De Pol Watch Company

Military professionals take risks each day for the good of our country. These men and women deploy for extended periods of time and often uproot their families for the job. A traditional gift in the military, especially the Navy, is the purchasing of a custom or specialized watch.

Get a treasure to pass down through the generations with a meaningful De Pol watch, designed by a fighter pilot and made in America.

What are De Pol Watches?

De Pol creates functional and beautiful timepieces for the aviation and watch enthusiast. A fighter pilot and an American patriot designed these watches.

De Pol Watch Company creates functional and beautiful timepieces for watch and aviation lovers. Featuring four lines of watches, De Pol cares about function, style, and elegance.

Whether you try the Tailhook, LSO, NFO, or Wings of Gold line of De Pol watches, know you are getting an American-made product. These pieces are so precise they work as training tools.

All watch faces are either stainless steel or DLC coating. DLC coating represents diamond-like carbon coating, and it has the unique properties of high hardness, corrosion resistance, and low friction. Watches all have a stylish leather band which never goes out of style. Whether you prefer brown or black, there is an option to suit every man’s style.

The De Pol Story

In 2014, Robert De Pol started the De Pol Watch Company. He was a fighter pilot and an American patriot. Robert combined his love for the United States, passion for aviation, and obsession with watches to build a quality product for use in the cockpit.

Robert says, “I see how aviators react to watches. Your watch tells the story of your life __ where you’ve been and the experiences you’ve had.” He also entered the market at a better price point than other custom options.

The LSO Model for Accurate Timing

The LSO model is specifically designed to improve the efficiency and precision of timing landings aboard aircraft carriers. During a real-life situation, an LSO is a landing signal officer responsible for timing and recording landings within seconds of one another.

The LSO face features four colors around the bezel, green, yellow, brown, and red. Green is the goal, yellow indicates too early or too late, and brown and red are not on time. An officer can measure himself or herself, or in training with the LSO model.

Customizable Features for Your Watch

De Pol makes customizable watches with features a true gentleman loves. Watches come with different second-hand options, including a regular, a small Tailhook, or a large Tailhook. Engraving is available on all watch case backs. You can add wings and a callsign/name at checkout.

De Pol proudly offers a 20% military discount on all watches and accessories for veterans, active-duty military, and reservists. Squadron customization is available for all branches of the military.

Specialty Watches for Every Man

Specialty watches come with limitless options for the dial. Just contact De Pol with preferences and the team will make it happen. One standard feature for these watches is to add a particular aircraft to the face, whether it is a front view or bird’s eye view. Specialty watches start at $1,000. Order as many specialty watches as you want, with a minimum order of one.

Pricing for De Pol Watches

Beautiful pieces with precision timing from De Pol Watch Company start at under $1,000. Engraving only costs $50 to commemorate an event, person, or occasion. Specialty watches begin at $1,500 but cost significantly less than the $5000 price point from other watch companies. Support your American patriot with an American-made watch designed by a fighter pilot.