Hov Pod Hovercrafts on the beach

Hov Pod Hovercrafts

What are Hov Pod Hovercrafts?

Featured in “How It’s Made,” “World of Wonder,” “How Do They Do That,” and in the movies “Thunderbirds” and “Dinosaurs at Dark,” Hov Pod is the world’s leading hovercraft brand. It is more than your traditional hovercraft; it is made for disaster relief, all terrains, commercial use, and even marine recreation.

Since 2000, How Pod has been the world’s leading supplier of small and medium-duty hovercraft. You won’t see these features on other hovercraft.

With a quick lesson on operating the vehicle, Hov Pods are easy to use, service, manage, and enjoy. The Hov Pod is sold directly to consumers, government agencies, and associations, and with a global dealer network.

Hov Pod Versus a Boat

Are you considering a boat or a Hov Pod? There are many benefits to the Hov Pod Recreational Hovercrafts compared to a boat. Consider your surroundings and determine the depths you are most likely to operate.

Hov Pod can work in shallow water or areas with marine debris. It is easy to land your Hov Pod on shore, and it uses less fuel with less pollution to the environment. Just like it is easy to land, it is easy to launch a Hov Pod. This recreational aircraft has full positive buoyancy, so it floats even when it is not on. You can handle a hovercraft on the water, for activities like fishing and relaxing.

Recreational Uses for the Hov Pod

Experience adventures with your recreational Hov Pod. This commercial-grade hovercraft is durable for use over every type of terrain. Flooded land, mud, shallow water, riverbeds, swamps, snow, ice, shallow lakes, and more are perfect for the Hov Pod. It goes up to 45 miles per hour without impacting the local flora and fauna. The largest Hov Pod can accommodate up to nine people!

Technical Hovercraft Training

You aren’t alone in getting technical hovercraft training all by yourself. The Hov Pod does onsite training and offers training in the UK or the USA. This way you are better equipped for preventative maintenance, operation, and other factors of hovercraft ownership.

You can also get delivery without training because of the operator and technical manuals. Soon enough, you’ll be driving on water, doing 180 turns and spins, and learning about the care of the Hov Pod.

Run a Company? Commercial Uses for a Hov Pod

The Hov Pod functions uniquely in the market. If you have a business, it just might suit your business to use a Hov Pod in your operations. It operates to secure remote regions (whether unsafe or too difficult to reach), is useful for surveillance, and even functions to transport people or goods.

The list of uses for the Hov Pod hovercrafts includes amphibious mobile patrol, broad area surveillance, emergency response to disaster situations, pipeline monitoring, and even amphibious firefighting.

Product Information

The Hov Pod Hovercrafts comes with some unique features. The SPX Series and the Carbon Infinity lines both come with a five-year warranty. It is possible to operate your hovercraft 24/7 if necessary. The proprietary skirt used in every hovercraft is made from a unique polyurethane and nylon weave to boost wear resistance and prevent any rips or tears.

They use Kevlar in their hulls for rugged use, especially in ice or snow. Because these models are unique and features are easy to add on, visit Hov Pod to get a price quote from them. Financing options are available for interested parties. Whether you want a three-seater or a nine-seater, enjoy your hovercraft for years!