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The Best Watches Ever Made

The Best Watches Ever Made

For some, watches have fallen out of style with the advent of the smartphone. Most people would rather use their phone to set the alarm or check what time it is. The advent of the smartwatch has brought watches back a bit, but for the technophiles who wear them, it is merely an extension of their mobile device and not a statement.

However, there are some who appreciate what a watch can do for you. Not only does it function as a timepiece, but it showcases the class and style of the person wearing it.

For starters, let us start by saying the watches that make this list are the best luxury watches. You could say that the Casio G-Shock is one of the best watches ever made. It is extremely rugged and dependable and boasts many features. However, you won’t find it on this list. As you read on it is easy to see why.

5. Vacheron Constantin – Patrimony 85180

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest Swiss watchmaker in the world. Founded in 1755, the company’s motto of, “Do better if possible, and that is always possible,” shows in the Patrimony 85180. Retailing for approximately $22,500 this watch features a convex face design with gold hour markers and silver minute markers.

The case is 40mm in diameter and is 8.53mm thick making is a light and comfortable watch to wear. A self-winding analog watch with the calendar date displayed above the six o’clock marker, the owner will never find himself wondering what time it is.


4. Rolex – Cosmograph Daytona

The Rolex name is eponymous with luxury watches. Originally designed in 1963 for race car drivers to measure speeds, this watch has become iconic over the years. At $16,900 the Daytona boasts a black dial emblazoned with the iconic “oyster perpetual” noting its continual movement.

The certified Swiss 4130 chronometer is a self-winding chronograph passing the most stringent COSC tests from the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. The 40mm case comes in steel and yellow gold with a bracelet that matches. Waterproof to 100 meters, the Daytona also boasts a scratch-resistant crystal encasing the face.

3. Blancpain Le Brassus – Minute Repeater Carousel 0235-3631-55B

At $300,000 this watch comes from a Swiss company known not only for high-quality but also for watches with a unique appearance. The transparent face on the Minute Repeater shows the detail of the time-keeping mechanism without making it difficult to see the hour markets. Larger than some of the other watches on this list, the 18-karat gold case is 45mm in diameter and 15.35mm thick and held to the wearer’s wrist by an alligator leather strap.

2. Patek Philippe – 5078R-001

Based in Geneva, the Patek Philippe brand is the favorite of Queen Victoria, Hussein Kamel, the former Sultan of Egypt, and other royal figures worldwide. The 5078R-001 model doesn’t disappoint. This self-winding watch has a 38mm case made of rose gold with black arms and numbering and an alligator leather band. Unlike the other watches on this list, this provides the wearer with a chime. Its price ranges from $90,000 to $99,000.

1.      Cartier – Tank Anglaise Extra-Large Model

Made in France, the Cartier brand is best known for luxury jewelry; however, its line of watches is also among the finest in the world. The tank line, inspired by World War I tanks, celebrates its 100-year anniversary.

The 46mm rectangular face comes in 18 karat rose gold and is adorned with two rows of diamonds on both sides and blue arms pointing to hour markers in Roman numerals with a date mechanism at the three o’clock position. A matching rose gold bracelet compliments the exquisite face. Despite it jeweled accessories and fine timekeeping, this watch is priced under $70,000.

Watches are a personal choice that includes style and functionality. However, any watch on this list is sure to make a statement of status and success and built to the highest expectations of a high-end timepiece.