efoil surfboard by lift foils on a body of water with a drone and a mountain


Lift eFoil Surfboard

What is Lift?

 Lift is the premier and builder of the Lift eFoil surfboard, an electric flying surfboard with innovative hydrofoil technology. It is a company that works towards enabling anyone to fly over the water.

A group of surfers who know the ocean like their own best friend founded Lift back in 2009 to fully explore their desire to soar by creating and building flying toys. For the past ten years, they have spent their lives immersed in creating the ultimate adventure with safe and user-friendly hydrofoils.

With an original prototype that was comprised of spare parts of duct tape, the engineers in Lift have since perfected the design so that anyone can enjoy an adventure in the water. The Lift eFoil is created with precision, the highest quality of materials, and intelligent design.

The foil is built with balance and precision to remove the rider’s stress. Through countless tests and experimentation with athletes as well as non-athletic people from around the world, the final product allows new riders to take off over the water within just a few minutes—even without any prior surfing experience.

The team at Lift are self-motivated and passionate individuals who take on every challenge with relish, allowing them to create a unique flying surfboard unlike anything else that can be found in the world. They have elite artists and engineers working from everywhere around the globe, all of whom have grown up combining ocean adventure and sporting thrills.

With the eFoil, an adventure unlike anything you have had before is within reach.

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 If you see it in action as it glides across the water, the eFoil resembles a flat surfboard held in the air by a stick, while the silent motor chugs away underneath the surface of the water.

Getting to the beach might be a journey for some, but the eFoil doesn’t add any hassle. It is easily assembled or taken apart, allowing for easy transportation so it can go where you want to be.

For those who don’t live near a beach, or want to take their eFoil onto other adventures away from the ocean, the hydrofoil is usable on practically any body of water large enough to hold it, from the sea to lakes and even large rivers. With a purring electric motor powering your adventure, you won’t have a need for external power such as wind, waves, towing, or paddles.

Control your flight with the click of a button with Lift’s one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art hand controller that can change your speed. Designed from scratch specifically for the eFoil, this hand controller combines waterproof and buoyant materials with wireless Bluetooth functionality.

The engineers at Lift confronted the challenge of adding a battery to a water-based rugged toy by including a custom-built lithium battery made in the USA. When dealing with electricity, choosing a well-designed and high-quality battery makes the difference between danger and a safe, reliable experience.

In order to create the best experience for any individual who hops on an eFoil, each electric surfboard is carefully crafted to precision, using the most robust and reliable materials on the market. The hydrofoil motor is comprised of carbon fiber, a material that provides resilience and strength even against the relentless flow of water, combined with Kevlar, a material that is often used in bullet-proof vests.

The market for fun adventures in the water is expanding, and yet most companies are still focusing their efforts on surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, and kiteboards. Meanwhile, Lift has been working, innovating, and designing an eFoil surfboard behind the scenes to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to the marketplace unlike what can be found anywhere else.

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