Floating tents by smithfly on the water with a paddleboarder


What are SmithFly Floating Tents?

SmithFly Floating Tents is an outdoors company that’s not content doing things the same way as the competition.

Instead of pumping out copycat products like many competitors, SmithFly puts its resources into creating truly unique outdoor equipment that’s even better at meeting the needs of true sportsmen.

This commitment to quality, performance, and diversity has allowed SmithFly to skyrocket in popularity among serious sportsmen in North America and beyond.

One of their most exciting new outdoor product is their SmithFly Shoal Tent. Constructed on a floating raft, the SmithFly tent enables you to take camping out onto the water.

SmithFly Shoal Tent  

There’s just something special about spending time out on the water. And while taking a day trip on a boat or a raft is a treat in and of itself, few things can beat spending the night out on the water. The Shoal Tent makes that easy. It’s an inflatable raft with a tent topper that makes camping out on the water a cinch.

SmithFly starts with a durable and stable base. The raft is spacious and holds a great deal of weight. It stays in place even during inclement weather.

What’s so unique about this SmithFly tent is that the tent canopy is actually built directly into the raft. This means that the raft and the tent come as a single-piece product.

In fact, the floating tent canopy is inflatable as well. Inflate the raft and the tent canopy will inflate along with it.

Not only does this make the Shoal Tent even easier to use, but it also means that there is very little setup involved. There are no poles to worry about packing or figuring out how to use.

The center of the tent stands at roughly 6’3” in height when fully inflated. The floor of the tent can comfortably sleep up to 4 adults.

Yet another unique characteristic is the thick floor. At 6 inches thick, the floor doubles as an air mattress, so you never have to pack one.

Of course, safety is a major concern when you’re sleeping on water. That’s one reason why the raft part of the SmithFly Shoal Tent utilizes three separate air compartments making it one of the premier floating tents money can buy.

Learn more about the SmithFly Shoal Tent.

SmithFly Big Shoals Raft

Though the Shoal Tent is currently one of SmithFly’s most popular products, there Big Shoals Raft is also worth mentioning.

What’s so unique about this raft is just how lightweight it is compared to how many people it can hold. At just 150 pounds, it’s capable of supporting up to 3 full-size adults.

And it does so very comfortably. Unlike many other rafts, even those of high quality, the Big Shoals Raft contains two swivel fishing chairs and a stationary chair.

The raft features 4 durable air chambers, a rigid floor, a built-in anchor system, and high-quality rowing oars and oar locks. It also comes with a backpack for easy transportation to the water.

If you like fishing or just exploring the water, then the SmithFly Big Shoals Raft is an incredibly lightweight and durable model that easily fits into an SUV or truck.

Learn more about the SmithFly Big Shoals Raft.

Buy SmithFly Floating Tents

Visit the SmithFly website for more information on their Shoal Tent and other quality outdoor products.

All of their products are created with a keen eye for craftsmanship and attention to detail. They build the majority of their products (including the Shoal Tent) right here in the United States.

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