American Dream Camping Trailer

What is the American Dream Trailer Company?

If you find yourself in desperate need of freedom and adventure, what you are actually in need of is a teardrop trailer from the American Dream Camping Trailer Company. More than a few pieces of metal, American Dream Camping Trailers offer life, liberty, and spontaneous adventures.

Leave the unnecessary behind, and embrace the simplicity of life on the road. Breathe in the sweet, clear mountain air, far from the noise and pollution of the big city. Watch the miles fade behind you as you draw ever closer to your goal of the open range.

Why spend another weekend lounging on your sofa, idly flicking channels on the television? We need a revival of a simpler time when spontaneity bred happiness and long-lasting memories that provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Embrace a digital detox and enter the analog world of the outdoors, where you can touch, taste, smell, and feel freedom. Your spirit will soar as your body relaxes in an American Dream Trailer.

More Details

With huge potential in a tiny footprint, the Classic American Dream Trailer follows you toward your latest camping trip (or just a simple getaway down the road). The 4 x 8-foot frame and 650-pound fiberglass trailer and boat combo make it easy to move, tow, store, and row.

The trailer sleeps two easily, and it includes a cooking galley along with storage in the rear. The top of the trailer is a rowboat when you flip it upside down. A secondary roof underneath keeps your gear dry while you row or fish and five hood latches secure the boat to the trailer while you’re on the road. The boat is Coast Guard-approved for 500 pounds or three people, with a two-horsepower outboard motor.

The cabin of the trailer includes a full mattress by Cotton Cloud, along with a shelf to store your necessities. Vintage-style windows pop out to provide fresh air while preserving the look of the past. The trailer’s frame is made from 2 x 3-inch steel tubing with a 2000-lb axle and a Class 2 coupler. The back door folds down to provide a 2 x 3 foot Formica table, perfect for cooking and storage.

You can even build your own American Dream Camping Trailer – the Classic is a blank canvas that you can accessorize and customize to your heart’s content. Much of the fun of a teardrop trailer is in making your trailer unique to you so it reflects your lifestyle and interests. Every trailer is custom-built to your specifications, so have your dreams ready when you call, because they will become a reality more quickly than you realize.

American Dream CampingTrailer is more than just a trailer company. They are building a community of like-minded adventurers who want a deeper life by living more simply and with more adventure, which they often define as the ability to pursue happiness in the way they see fit.

American Dream Camping Trailer helps to lift you out of the ruts of daily life and into new paths of fun and adventure. They start with a framework of keeping things simple and smart, and from this structure can arise spontaneous vacations to get you out of routines.

Buy American Dream Camping Trailer

American Dreams Trailers start at $8,900. Contact the company through their website for a customized estimate of a trailer built exactly to your specifications.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • Single color exterior
  • Two color exterior
  • Reverse taillights
  • Boat assist bar
  • Convertible bed/couch
  • Cabin side table
  • Custom galley table
  • Interior power outlets

What are you waiting for? Call today to break out of life’s ruts and get yourself on the road to adventure!