solar energy by Smartflower on a lawn with a luxury house in the background

Smartflower Solar Energy

What is Smartflower?

Looking for a way to go green and yet be cool and smart all at the same time? Smartflower, the world’s first plug-and-play photovoltaic system is just what the doctor ordered. Its intelligent, state-of-the-art technology is a piece of cake to operate, the design is smooth and exceptional, and the smart features work independently and automatically.

This is technology you can use – it includes everything necessary to produce and store solar energy, giving you easy access to electricity you generated yourself. You save the planet and you feel smart and sophisticated at the same time – everyone wins!

smartflower is the perfect system for the perfect time. As the demand for alternative energy sources grows ever greater, smartflower offers a simple, effective approach for you to get involved.

The company’s vision is clean energy for all. They want to enable the masses to produce clean electricity for their own homes. If individuals, companies, and cities can produce their own electricity in their backyards, that’s a game-changer, and you don’t want to be behind the pack on this issue.

smartflower is simple, just like a regular appliance at home. You can plug it in and forget it – exactly what we need in today’s fast-paced society. Because it is so well designed and constructed, smartflower can deliver about 3400-6200 kWh per year of electricity.

More Details

Here’s how it works. When the sun rises, the smartflower automatically begins to unfold itself to soak in all the light possible. It keeps its solar modular fan pointed toward the sun, and as it absorbs the solar energy, the system begins producing electricity to power your day. Dual-axle sun tracking keeps the fan aligned with the sun throughout the entire day.

It begins to produce electricity earlier than traditional rooftop solar panels which allows it to manufacture exactly the amount of electricity you will use that day. The electricity supply is consistent and strong, and the system even takes advantage of the last few rays of the day. Once those are gone, the Smartflower module automatically closes up for the evening.

When Smartflower is delivered to your home, it comes as an all-in-one system that can be ready to operate within an hour. The system bolts to the ground wherever you need to place it, and it provides maximum performance throughout the day. It’s reliable and easy to use, but it’s also backed by incredibly smart technology.

Other models, not only produce electricity from solar energy but also allows you to store the electricity for later use. It can integrate into the electric grid if you would like, and it operates just like any other plug-and-play appliance.

Smartflower combines an all-in-one solar system with a charging station for your electric car – the ultimate combination in the drive to save the planet.

Buy Smartflower

Smartflower was founded in 2010 in Austria and now manufactures and sells its all-in-one solar systems around the world. The company opened its offices based in Boston, MA in 2016. To buy your own system, use the dealer locator search function on the company’s website. The dealer will help you find just the right spot to install your smartflower, and once it is up and running, you’ll be producing electricity on your own in no time! Prices are not listed on the company site, so inquire with the dealer for details.

In a few years, technology like this could be as common as coal. For now, though, you will be a strategic first adopter. Lead the pack – buy a system today!