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Concept or Reality?

Concept Design Cars

Concept design vehicles are some of the most interesting things that you can purchase in today’s markets.  This is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of our site featuring luxury toys.  How exciting it must be to start with an idea and watch it unfold from start to finish.  Not only that, but they are super cool.

The Charles Bombardier group has many unique designs but, perhaps my favorite is the luxury toy, Ventooz.  The Ventooz is designed to climb walls!  I honestly do not know why you would need a vehicle that climbs walls, I guess if the elevator breaks down you have a means of transportation to get you to your penthouse.

He also designed another hot item the RDSV (Rapid deployment Snow Vehicle) looks like a luxury snowmobile.  The RDSV is a 2 seater high-speed vehicle for use in any polar environment. It would aptly serve polar exploration, rescue missions, medical emergencies or even sports applications, basically, anything that requires high speeds through a polar environment.