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Welcome to the world of luxury, custom guitars brought to you by Relish Guitars aims to create instruments guitarists will be proud to own:

If the success of Relish Guitars is anything to go off of, then it’s readily apparent that they’re doing something right. A relatively new Swiss guitar manufacturer, Relish has been developing their “Jane” e-guitar for years. The finished product immediately made a huge impact, setting new standards for the electric guitar market.

About Relish

Relish Guitars Switzerland was founded in 2010 by designers, musicians, and guitarists Pirmin Giger and Silvan Kung. The dynamic duo has long yearned for innovation in guitar building. Seeing nothing new themselves, they dove headfirst into the process, designing the sort of modern electric guitar they felt the industry was lacking.

The success of their Relish Guitars Jane has already proven that it wasn’t just Giger and Kung that craved a new product. The Jane has already been a huge hit both in Switzerland and in music circles around the world. Though it’s not yet available for sale by many guitar dealers, you can rest assured that you’ll be seeing Relish Guitars in your country in short order.

About the Jane Guitar

Jane is an absolutely fantastic product by even the harshest standards. For starters, it looks beautiful. It’s seriously one of the best-looking guitars currently on the market. Indeed, it’s the sort of musical instrument that music fanatics can fetishize over. Every inch of it was constructed for performance. Every inch of it was constructed to last.

But Jane’s real beauty extends far beyond its good looks. Simply put, the guitar sounds just as good as it looks. It’s constructed with an aluminum body to provide outstanding resonance and rich tones all the way through. Wood veneer is added to the front and back for an unbelievably warm and vibrant sound.

Another area of innovation shows through in the pickups. These are controlled via touch sensors on the guitar’s body. Subtle white LEDs indicate their status. Better yet, they’re easily accessible thanks to Jane’s back panel. This back panel snaps on and off via three magnets.

The Relish Guitars Jane comes in three finishes so you can find the one that best suits your personal preferences. The finishes include the Ashy Jane, Cherry Jane, and Walnut Jane. Each of the three finishes is absolutely gorgeous.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the best things about purchasing the Jane from Relish Guitars is that the company is still so small. Unlike many megalithic manufacturers of electric guitars, Relish has maintained a small, tight-knit, family feel. And this best shines through in their dedication to superior customer service and support.

Have a question about your Jane guitar? Just ask. Relish Guitars will be happy to provide you with the assistance you need. They are also more than happy to discuss the finer details of their product with potential customers contemplating a purchase. They understand that a top-quality e-guitar is a long-term investment and want to help ensure that Jane is the right product for you.

Play a Relish

The Relish Guitar Jane is set to become the standard by which all other electric guitars are built. It’s just that good. From its absolutely stunning good looks to its sturdy construction to the richness of sound, the Jane has it all.

The Jane is one of those guitars you need to pick up yourself to truly appreciate. It’s so good you really can’t tell how good it is until it’s in your own hands. What we’re trying to tell you here is that if you want one of the best e-guitars around (and have approximately $5,000 to spend), the Relish Guitars Jane won’t leave you feeling a single bit disappointed.

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