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Propel Electric Bikes

The Propel Electric Bikes are changing the way you move or get to places:

Electric bicycles have experienced an explosion in popularity as of late, revolutionizing urban transit in the process. These specialty bikes come with a built-in electric motor that is activated either by a thumb throttle or whenever you pedal the traditional bicycle pedals.

And while the popularity of electric bikes, in general, has surged, so has the number of companies producing them as well as the number of models each company produces. Propel Bikes takes the guesswork out of selecting your first “e-bike.” They play matchmaker and assist you in finding the absolute best fit.

About Propel Electric Bikes

At its core, Prope Electric Bikes is all about helping customers fall in love with the electric bike experience. Close relationships with the top manufacturers as well as a true passion for e-bikes have helped them become the top company in the business.

Propel Bikes was founded by Chris Nolte, an Iraq war veteran who served in Iraq and Kuwait from 2002-2003. It is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. Nolte’s passion, experience, and knowledge of electric bikes shine through in every facet of his business.

Propel Bikes Products

The goal of Propel Electric Bikes is to help you select the best electric bike for you. With that said, the company has tested more of these bicycles than we can count. Instead of adding every e-bike on the market to their catalog, they only rep those that they believe to be the best of the best.

Propel Bikes is always growing. New electric bikes are constantly added to their lineup. In addition to fully assembled electric bikes, Propel also offers an enormous selection of high-quality accessories and parts. They have one of the largest selections in the industry.

Propel Bikes makes no exceptions when it comes to the quality and value of the products they represent. They know that an electric bike is a long-term, expensive investment. That’s why through extensive research and testing, they’ve whittled down the e-bike market to the absolute best models and products you can buy.

Factors that are taken into consideration include design, components, warranty, and availability of parts as well as company history and how the manufacturer responds to service requests. Simply put, every single detail is run through the Propel Bike’s microscope.

Excellent Customer Service

No matter how great the lineup of electric bikes that Propel sells, they’d be nothing without excellent customer service. What is a great deal and an extensive product line without the support to back it up?

A large part of Propel Bike’s amazing customer service stems from their dedication to their customers rather than to profit. Of course, profit keeps them in business, but a passion for electric bikes is what really drives them.

So how does Propel up the customer service experience? For starters, they offer private test rides and spend hours with each individual customer to find the right bike for them. As mentioned above, Propel Bikes is a matchmaking service. They’re not here to push a specific product on you. They’re here to find the absolute best product for you, no matter how long it takes.

Ride Propel Electric Bikes

If you’re at all interested in purchasing an electric bike, Propel Electric Bikes is here to help you out. In addition to a wide range of bikes and accessories, Propel can customize – or even custom-build – an electric bike to your exact specifications.v

Propel Electric Bikes offers electric bikes in a number of types and price ranges. They have a selection that ranges from budget to the utmost luxury. At the end of the day, Propel Bikes is dedicated to helping you – no matter who you are – select the best electric bicycle for your individual needs and preferences.

Hi and welcome to My name is Josh, your product specialist. Today we’re talking about a great company called Propel Bikes. Now electric bikes have had a huge surge in popularity recently. With a huge number of people riding them, they’ve become very, very desirable. But it can be kind of difficult, kind of intimidating to find which bike you want. If that’s been your trouble, then look no further than Propel Bikes. Propel is a service that plays matchmaker and helps you find the absolute best fit for you. Propel Bikes is all about helping people fall in love with the electric bicycle experience. It was founded by Chris Nolte, an Iraq war veteran who served in Iraq and Kuwait. Nolte’s passion, his expertise, his knowledge of electric bikes really shines through in every facet of his business. The company rigorously tests a huge number of bikes, more than any other company I know. So they only represent those bikes they really, honestly believe are the best of the best. In addition to fully assembled electric bikes, they also sell parts. They have one of the largest collections in the industry in terms of parts and accessories. Now Propel also prides itself on superior customer service. They offer private test rides for customers looking for a bike and have spent hours with them assisting them and finding exactly what they want. They’re really here to help you find the perfect product for you. Propel can also customize or even custom-build an electric bike to your exact specifications. So if you’re looking to get into electric bicycles, you want that experience, Propel is a perfect service to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You will be very happy with the results. And you will be very happy with your electric bicycle. I suggest you check them out. While you’re here on our website, go ahead and check out all of our other amazing products. You’ll be very happy you did. Once again, for, my name is Josh, your product specialist. Have a great day.

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