DJI Inspire 2: A Drone for Professional-Grade Cinematography

After its release in January 2017, the DJI Inspire 2 is still one of the top cinematography drone models in the world. It’s a standout when it comes to professional photography and videography, acting very much like a true cinema camera.

The Inspire 2’s image processing system can record up to an exceptional 5.2K in CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes, and many more. Despite its size, the drone can accelerate from 0 to 80kph in just 5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 94kph, and its max descent speed of 9m/s makes it impossibly agile. The Inspire 2 also provides two directions of obstacle avoidance and sensor redundancy, as well as multiple flight modes.

One of the most unique Inspire 2 features is how it offers dual UAV controllers. While one pilot is focusing on safely operating the drone’s flight, the other can create a 3D location scan or operate an air quality sampler. It has a dedicated forward-facing video feed so pilots can see where they are flying, regardless of what the payload camera or other sensors are doing.

It is also one of the only drones on the market that offers interchangeable lenses on a micro 4/3 or APS-C sensor. Having the ability to switch up the lens can give you more creativity when shooting aerial footage. You can shoot using a 45mm lens and enjoy the outstanding depth of field and detail. And with a dual battery system, you can fly it for a maximum of 27 minutes. It also includes self-heating technology which allows it to fly even in low temperatures. Here’s the Inspire 2 in action:

Credit: DJI Youtube Channel

Drone prices for beginners, hobbyists, or enthusiasts usually range from around $280 to $500, depending on the brand, specs, and features. But this drone is definitely not entry-level. Adorama lists the DJI Inspire 2 drone as one of its most expensive models. The Advanced Kit is priced at $9,399, while the Standard Kit is priced at $7,599. The difference between the two is the inclusion of the Cendence remote controller with the advanced kit, which was custom-built to realize the full potential of the Inspire 2.

Its main competitor product is the Sony Airpeak S1 pro-level drone and PetaPixel puts the price point at $9,000, which is relatively the same as the Advanced Kit. Similar to the Inspire 2, the Airspeak boasts remarkable flight performance and obstacle detection systems. It is, however, larger in size compared to the DJI. But in comparison to more portable drones like the AirDog auto-follow drone, nothing can seem to quite match the quality that the Inspire 2 delivers.

The DJI Inspire 2 will be perfect for those who are interested in filming complex scenery or covering large sports events. In fact, it was chosen to be one of the drones to cover the highly anticipated MLB games this year. With this drone, you can use it to capture people in action, architectural details, and even distant text.

Credit: DJI Youtube Channel