Terravent Portable Kayaks

If you ever wanted to explore the local waterways in your city or elsewhere but didn’t feel like lugging around a kayak or canoe, this is the perfect solution. Terravent has created a compact portable kayak that fits easily inside most cars and folds down to 8.5 feet for carrying on public transport. The construction of this eco-friendly watercraft is wholly recyclable from plastic bottles, while its design ensures optimum speed when compared to other jet skis and boats on the market. Its large storage compartment underneath also provides plenty of room for all your equipment to keep it dry during outdoor excursions.

Terravent is a leader in folding kayaks, with innovations like the patented Terraframe™ and innovative designs like the Kayak Quick Lock™. Terravent’s boats are made by hand in Benicia, California.

Their kayaks are the perfect way to explore the outdoors. You are invited to experience the rugged design and fast, water-transferring hulls. We make rugged, portable boats that fold up easily for easy storage and transportation. We offer folding kayaks for both paddling and fishing, as well as models that are designed to travel easily on your car roof.

Why Terravent’s Portable Kayak?

Terravent is the only company in the world that has patented the Terraframe™ Technology. And we are proud to offer these beautiful folding kayaks for all of our customers to use in their everyday adventures.

Compactable Kayak

Terravent Portable Kayaks are made with a unique patented folding system known as Terraframe™. This 100% patented design ensures that your boat will fold down to a fraction of its length and will have minimal impact on your car’s interior or storage space during transportation. With their canoe, kayak, and raft models, it can be easily stored between two car seats for maximum convenience. The frame is a solid aluminum frame enclosed by two rocket-shaped plastic pontoons connected by four rigid plastic “leg braces”.

Strong and Portable Kayak Design

The Terraframe™ system is designed to help minimize the forces applied to the boat, resulting in a more stable ride. By having the mainframe metal sandwiched between two plastic pontoons there are considerably fewer points of contact between the boat and car, which keeps it compact when folded. The rigid plastic “leg braces” consist of plastic tubes that wrap around each corner of the boat, then into tension from the rocket-shaped pontoons. This secure fastening allows you to feel confident about storing your kayak in your car or on public transport knowing that it will not fold down on you.

Terravent kayaks are made from several different molded plastic parts, as well as powder-coated metal parts for extra protection. The boats are designed to be as rugged as possible while maintaining ease of use and portability. They have a goal to be able to fold down your kayak and load it onto any car in the US, just in case you want to pack it up and take off for a spontaneous trip into the wilderness. Terravent is committed to making the world’s most portable boats with premium quality while being eco-friendly at the same time.

The kayaks come with all of the features you need for an enjoyable paddle trip. In addition, we offer accessories that will help make your ride even more fun. So what are you waiting for? Your adventure starts today, with Terravent portable kayaks!