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E-bikes vs Traditional Bikes

I thought the idea behind riding a bike was for exercise and basic transportation. Now we have luxury electric bikes that don’t even need peddling. Below are some reasons to purchase an e-bike. No need to get physically exhausted if you need to go up a hill, face a wind storm, or get caught in the rain just change the bike from manual to electric. The e-bikes will also allow the physically handicapped to enjoy the great outdoors, they are also great for hauling precious cargo. Most people who are electric bike enthusiasts do not want to ride their traditional bike to work, who wants to walk into a meeting looking like they spent an hour at the gym? With the e-bike, you can ride to work and still burn some calories without looking like you stepped out of a sauna. The disadvantage of an e-bike over a traditional bike, it can be quite heavy. They can also be quite pricey, but if you factor in that you don’t need gas, insurance, money for the meter, or a license you will probably come out ahead of the game. Many states do not recognize the e-bike as a “bicycle” so they are not permitted in bicycle lanes, paths in parks, or the beach to name a few. So there you have it. In my opinion, the e-bike is a great tool over the traditional bike. If you are not getting completely wiped out by going up hills you can then peddle further distances, therefore burning more of those unwanted calories. We have quite a few e-bikes on the site please check them out and discover for yourself the advantages of owning an electric bike.


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