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What is Ecocruise?

Ecocruise Electric Transportation designs and manufactures two-, three- and four-wheel electric vehicles. They bring affordability and high quality to the electric vehicle world, with electric golf carts, street-legal golf carts, neighborhood electric vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles, off-road electric vehicles, electric motorized scooters, and electric motorcycles.

In short, if it’s a vehicle and it runs on electricity, Ecocruise is your one-stop shop for the best! Each vehicle type has been specifically designed for a particular market. Thanks to the Ecocruise design staff, for instance, the ECP is a perfect vehicle for its niche market: parking enforcement, patrol, and delivery.

Over the last five years, Ecocruise has dedicated its work to engineering and perfecting its line of service vehicles, neighborhood vehicles, scooters, and motorcycles.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient alternative to the gas guzzler sitting in your driveway, Ecocruise just might be for you!

Ecocruise was born out of a vision in 2008 of a better way to do transportation. The economy was crashing, fuel costs were rising through the roof and commuters were looking for new transportation methods. Some turned to public transit systems, while others traded in their fuel-hungry cars for much more fuel-efficient hybrids and other alternatives.

SUVs and large trucks saw a huge dip in sales, while the demand for fuel-efficient cars such as Yaris, Prius, and Corolla was soaring. It was the perfect time to start a business like Ecocruise.

With more than 25 years of experience in the motor vehicle industry, Ecocruise’s founder began focusing on building 100 percent pure electric vehicles for specific niche markets. The motivation? Passion to preserve the Earth’s limited supply of fossil fuels. Ecocruise vehicles run completely on electricity, meaning there are zero harmful emissions released into the air. With less air pollution, air quality improves, which is good for everyone.

The Ecocruise product development team is committed to accelerating the world’s transition to transportation options that are more sustainable than current choices. Their products focus on both commercial and consumer use, so there’s something for everyone.

More Details

You have never seen an electric car like the brand new Cruser Sport. Built as an electric car to cruise around your neighborhood, this is a stylish, sleek, cool electric sports car for the masses.

Not only does it turn heads with its looks, but Cruser Sport is advanced functionally as well. It’s efficient, technologically savvy, and filled with safety features for a fully integrated driving experience. Contoured racing-inspired bucket seats come standard for outstanding driver and passenger performance and comfort.

The Cruser Sport is also available in an electric golf cart version. Here are a few of the specs for the technically minded among you. It includes a Lifepo4 72v 62AH battery, 5kW brushless AC motor, 4-wheel disc brakes, rear-wheel drive, a dual A-arm front suspension, and an independent rear suspension. Its maximum speed is 25-35 miles per hour, depending on local state regulations, and it includes DOT-approved safety glass for the front and rear windshield. It features 14” aluminum wheels and a removable T-Top.

The interior features premium driver and passenger bucket seats, a modular dash with glove compartment storage, and instrumentation with a digital LCD screen. A portable 12-volt charge cord is included, as is a push-button transmission and covered rear storage with a hydraulic lift assist.

Battery range is 35 – 60 miles per charge depending on the battery pack options you choose, your driving habits, and the terrain. The Cruser Sport is also available in off-road, golf cart, law enforcement, and scooter versions.

Buy Ecocruise Vehicles

You can experience Ecocruise Vehicles live at your local dealer today. To find a list of dealers, check the company website. They do not list the prices of the cars on the site, but you can contact the dealer for details.

If you care about the environment – and you want to look cool while doing it – check out Ecocruise vehicles today!

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