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Emperor Work Environments


Emperor Work Environments


What is an Emperor Work Environment?

Every office worker has been there – sitting for hours on end behind a desk, slumped down in your chair as you stare at your computer screen for hours. By the end of every day, your posture is a wreck, your back is sore, you’re stiff and you can’t imagine doing it again tomorrow. But you do it again, and then again and again until you’re so deep in a rut you think you might never get out.

Emperor Work Environments change all of that. They are highly stylish and efficient computer work environments for your home or office. These ergonomically optimized (that just means it’s comfortable) work stations allow you to get more work done in shorter time, especially for those who use up to three monitors at a time.

The signature 1510 model offers the company’s scorpion shape and outline with a stable steel structure, tilting capabilities, audio options, LED lighting and more – it is a complete computer workstation. A state-of-the-art chair with a high back lets you adjust the angle to support your back in the best way possible. Steel arches hold the monitor mounts in the air in front of your face to keep you from having to bend your neck as you look at your screens all day.

The monitor mount allows you to use a screen up to 30 inches in size, or up to three screens 24 inches wide. Multiple LED lights on the upper structure provide soft lighting with no glare on the screens. You can adjust the keyboard and mouse trays to a position that best fits your comfort. Electrical controls let you lift and lower the upper section, and multiple seat and leg rest adjustments are possible. The Emperor 1510 includes a selection of input and output ports where you can plug in your computer or gaming system, and the Cambridge audio speakers and subwoofer (under the seat) provide high quality, crystal clear sound.

The 1510 monitor mounts offer multiple screen configurations so users can experiment to find the positions that help improve their overall performance and productivity. Different screen configurations work well for different industries, including normal business offices, financial applications, editing screens, medical applications, simulations and training, a command and control center, and gaming.

The Emperor LX is an automated luxury work environment controlled by touchscreen that will blow you away. In addition to the features of the 1510, it includes light therapy and an ionic air filtering system. Everything in the LX is controlled by touchscreen. For hard-driving computer users, the LX is the future of home and office immersive computer working environments.

Other Details

Custom branding of your Emperor work station with your corporate colors and logo is available, as are custom features if you just ask. Customizations can be for personal taste, corporate marketing goals or any other requirements. Just ask Emperor for whatever you need.

Of course, Emperor work stations are also available to rent for trade shows or special events, or just to test the machine before your company goes all in on buying them. This is a great option for software or video game presentations.

Buying an Emperor Work Environment

The Emperor 1510 starts at $5,950, with computer and monitors not included. The Emperor LX starts at $21,500, with computer and monitors sold separately.

If you are tired of sitting at the same desk typing on the same keyboard while staring at the same computer screen, do yourself a favor and check out Emperor work environments. They are very futuristic looking, but that only reminds you of one thing: the future is now.



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