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Silver Tears Camper

Many of us know the pull of the open road, that seductive longing that calls to us to come explore the country. Still more know the thrill that comes from traveling the backroads and campgrounds of America, the real parts of the country untouched by the commercial sameness of exit after exit on the interstate.

What better way to know your country than to travel it, living close to the land? And what better way to travel in this manner than with a Silver Tear Camper, a classic American teardrop camper? Silver Tear Campers hearken back to romantic days in the 1940s when teardrop campers, often handbuilt from surplus war materials, first hit American roads and campgrounds.

These new versions are custom-built by hand with the finest materials and craftsmanship. They let you travel light and smart and they are efficient, including everything you need and nothing you don’t. Compact enough to pull with a car, maneuverable enough to fit just about anywhere (creekside campout, anyone?), and fashionable enough to turn heads, a Silver Tear Camper will truly enhance your camping experience.

More Camper Details

The main Silver Tears Camper is called the Woody Camper, or “The Great American Woodie.” With a mahogany and ash exterior, the camper looks like an updated version of the “woody wagon” from the 1940s. It weighs about 910 pounds and comes in 4 feet by 8 feet or 5 feet by 10 feet models. The exterior includes aluminum awning-style windows, rain gutters over the windows, and custom 15-inch “Smoothies” wheels. The camper also includes the option of a ZODI high-volume portable hot water shower system, perfect for cleaning up after a long day on the road or hiking through the woods.

The interior includes a full or queen bed and custom cabinetry with inset doors, drawers, and fiddleback olive ash veneers. A hidden hatch under the cushions provides storage and a spot for the optional port-a-potty. The camper also includes electronics options and a roof vent with a three-speed temperature control.

The kitchen area (galley) includes a curly hard maple countertop with rosewood and cherry inlay, a cupboard space with sliding doors, a stainless steel ice box (including drain) for food and drink storage, and a seven-gallon fresh water tank with a water pump. An additional option is a stainless propane stove.

Other current camper models include The Woody Tailgater, which includes a pull-out bar, a lit back bar, and copper shelving. You can choose a rear galley, entertainment center, or grill with this model, which is perfect for hosting a gathering on a warm summer evening.

Additional options include the Silver Cub and Silver Tear, both of which are ultra-lightweight thanks to an aluminum body. The mid-20th-century styling includes modern amenities and provides a counterpoint to the more classic wood look of the Woody Camper.

If you want a custom camper or would like to change or add any features of existing Silver Tears models, feel free to contact the company to work directly with you to create the camper of your dreams.

Buy Silver Tears Campers

Silver Tears Campers start at about $17,000. Prices vary from there according to the model you choose and the options you include. Call the company or email them through the company website for more information on how to order your own model.

A Silver Tears Camper can bring to fruition your camping, hunting, cooking, and entertaining dreams while you’re on the road. Buy one today and hit the road tomorrow – the country is yours!

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