boat by JoyBoat Sky Yacht floating on a body of water with a family

JOYBOAT by Sky Yacht

What is a Joyboat?

When you buy a Joyboat from Sky Yachts, you are not just buying the next new boat that comes along. You are buying a lifestyle. You are buying an escape. You are buying ease of adventure. Who can resist? A Joyboat, produced by Sky Yachts, a company based in Poland with offices throughout Europe, is a smart, modern electric yacht developed for discerning and demanding clients. Designed and built to minimize the resistance of the hull, Joyboats maximize your sailing time on the water. The well-planned ergonomics of the Joyboat provide blissful rest while you admire the beauty of the water and the nature around you. Because the motors are electric rather than combustion engines, you are not bothered by noisy sounds that disrupt the peace. You can also sail your vessel into zones that have previously been unavailable to loud boats, such as nature reserves. Powered by batteries, the boat’s two electric engines last for about eight hours when you are cruising at average speed. Innovative joystick steering is extremely easy even for a novice, with full data visualization available on a screen. This aids in navigation and gives you information on your current course. The Joyboat is 4.28 meters long and 2.17 meters wide, which means it’s large enough to invite a few friends along for a cruise but small enough that you don’t feel like you’re piloting a barge. This is a perfect boat for a day cruise on a lake or just going out for a swim. The boat works best with a complement of one to six people.

More Details

The Prestige version of the Joyboat features two electric engines (80 pounds each), a steering module with a joystick, a set of special batteries, a charging module for the batteries, a battery charge level indicator, a multimedia module with a five-inch screen, upholstered mattresses with headrests, cruise control and autopilot, an audio module with Bluetooth, remote steering, anti-skid boat decking, a set of rails and a swim ladder. The Standard version of the Joyboat includes two electric engines (55 lbs each), a battery charging module, a steering module with a joystick, a battery charge level indicator, upholstered mattresses with headrests, a set of rails, anti-skid boat decking and a swim ladder. The company also offers additional fittings designed specifically for the Joyboat. These include a boat trailer, a Bimini top, a yacht cover, and a table that can be used on the boat. Sky Yacht is a Polish company dedicated to the design and construction of yachts and other modern water vessels. Their main focus is building recreational vessels used mainly on inland bodies of water. This is a specialized field, and Sky Yacht Creative Design is up for the challenge they face of creating new and innovative vessels. They live up to their full name by creating yacht designs based on individual customer orders. If you like the Joyboat but want to tweak it in some way or add some elements to it, ask the company and they may be able to accommodate your requests.

Buy Sky Yachts Joyboats

Prices for Sky Yacht Joyboats are not listed on the company’s website, but to buy a Joyboat, fill out the contact form on the website and a company representative will be in touch. This is the boat you have been waiting to find. This is the boat that will launch a thousand parties, the boat that you and your friends will enjoy over and over, and the boat that will change your recreational life. There is only one thing left to do – buy a Sky Yacht Joyboat today!