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Seawind Catamarans

Been looking for that perfect sailboat? You’re in luck when it comes to Seawind Catamarans, Australia’s most popular sail and power catamarans. The company has been building high-quality multihulls, charter boats, and cruising yachts for more than 30 years. Their boats have been exported all over the world – the next one could be for you.

While you may have been thinking of a traditional monohulled sailboat, catamarans provide another popular option as you consider a boat. A catamaran provides level sailing, which means the boat doesn’t heel over. This makes voyages more tolerable for many people. Catamarans provide much more room than traditional boats and they can sail 20 to 50 percent faster than monohulls of similar length.

Catamarans can also sail in much shallower water and can be beached without damage. They are easy to maneuver and are virtually unsinkable, which offers a much higher level of safety than a monohulled boat. Kids and families can enjoy a catamaran much more easily together as well.

Seawind Catamarans are built with a specific design philosophy – they want to help couples or families with little to no sailing experience to be able to safely and comfortably explore coastlines, islands, and oceans around the world. They do this with the following design principles:

Sail Like a Sailboat – performance comes before volume for Seawind. This allows you to reach your destination more quickly.

Engineered to Endure – Seawinds are built to handle difficult offshore conditions. After building more than 400 Seawinds, the company has not seen any with a major structural failure or a mast failure because of hull flexing or an under-engineered rig design.

Anyone Can Operate – Seawinds are easy to handle, with all lines and controls feeding back to the cockpit so one person can operate the boat on their own.

Weather Protection – A dual helmet offers 360-degree visibility as well as protection from the harsh sun.

Indoor/Outdoor Living – A clutter-free cockpit offers freedom, but you can also add a foldaway table when you need it. The cockpit can also be used as a workspace to set up equipment, clean fish, and more.

Don’t Waste Space – No space is wasted in the boat, thanks in part to a galley that is separate from the living area, but not isolated from all the action on board.

More Details

Seawind Catamaran models include four different models in addition to trimaran models and discontinued catamaran models for sale. On the basis of these different models, Seawind is the fourth largest multihull manufacturer in the world. The Seawind Group employs more than 200 staff on two continents with more than 20 international representatives.

Buy Seawind Catamarans

Several options are available for those interested in a Seawind Catamaran. You can, of course, buy one of their models outright. Prices are not listed on the company’s website, but you can contact a dealer for more information.

Other ownership options include charter investment and syndicate ownership. A charter investment in a fleet of charter boats lets you enjoy private sailing now without having to wait until you are fully able to buy your own boat. Your investment now will also help you to pay your way toward outright Seawind ownership on your own, and you can easily get a good return on your investment.

Boat syndication lets you share the costs of the boat you want with other sailors while giving you access to the boat on a rotating calendar basis. Seawind facilitates syndicates where several people or groups can share the cost of buying a new boat (and maintenance expenses). The individual parties then work together to determine who uses the boat at what times during the year.

With Seawind, sailboat ownership may be closer than you think. Check out the website and get in touch today!

 Hi. Welcome to My name is Josh, your product specialist for today, and today we’re going to be talking about Seawind catamarans. I have a catamaran myself. I tell you, it’s very fun to get on there on beautiful days and zip around out in the open ocean. It’s nothing spectacular. It’s a small little 16-foot Hobie cat. Seawind catamarans, on the other hand, are the premier catamarans. They’re designed to get you and your whole family outside in the open ocean, your whole crew if you will. This is Australia’s most popular producer of sail-powered and motor-powered catamarans. They have been building high-quality, multi-hulled, and cruising yachts for over 30 years. They are definitely a brand you can trust and are very respected within the sailing community.

Catamarans provide a much smoother sail because they have these two parallel hulls. This means that the boat is not going to keel over. It’s not going to tip. If you’re prone to seasickness or you just want a more comfortable ride, a catamaran may be the right choice for you. A catamaran also provides more room than a traditional sailboat as well as can travel up to 20 to 50 percent faster than a monohull of a similar length. Catamarans can also sail in much shallower water and can be beached without any damage. If you want to store your boat on the shore, you absolutely can. They’re easy to maneuver and virtually unsinkable, making these catamarans a very safe boat, a very good choice for an entire family, and much more durable than a monohull boat.

The whole mission of Seawind catamarans is to get people out on the water. They want to make it easy for anyone with little to no sailing experience to enjoy the open seas. You absolutely can. If you’re not familiar with everything about sailing or you’re not the most experienced sailor, if you get one of these catamarans you can enjoy it the same way sailors of the ancient days did. You can get on the open water with your whole family and enjoy the seas, go fishing, whatever you want to do. They do this. They get people on the water by creating a safe, durable boat that performs like a top-notch sailboat because it is a top-notch sailboat.

There are four different models for you to choose from. Once you find yours, once you find your favorite, go ahead and choose it. You will be out enjoying the open ocean as soon as you possibly can. I guarantee it. It’ll be a great time. Once again, for Toys for Big Boys, my name is Josh, your product specialist. While you’re here on our website, go ahead and check out all the other amazing products we have here for you. Have a great day.

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