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1st Stop Travel Store has one of the largest selections of globes available online:

Thanks to your cell phone and tablet, there’s a portable map at your fingertips almost all the time. With all of today’s advancements in technology, it might seem like a globe is a thing of the past. However, owning a globe, either for a decorative or functional purpose, provides a sense of old-world charm and high-class taste that extends high above simply possessing a smartphone. There’s nothing special about owning a phone; everybody has one. People who display beautiful, ornate globes, on the other hand, are as rare and unique as the individual globes themselves. If you appreciate the finer things in life, adding a First Stop Globe to your home or office, as either a tasteful decoration or a useful tool, will truly set you apart from the rest.

Limitless Styles of Decorative Globes

Since the first globe was created, these spherical wonders have symbolized affluence and sophistication. With First Stop, you can return to this elegant and traditional style by decorating your home or office with a variety of different globes. Whether you want a large globe to stand as a staple piece in the corner, or you desire a smaller globe to adorn your desk, First Stop offers globes of all sizes and designs, which have a broad range of prices to fit any budget.

Traditional Wooden

For an elegant piece that represents the old-world charm that accompanies a globe, you might consider one of First Stop’s handcrafted, wooden globes. Each of these unique wooden globes is made by hand, using old-fashioned crafting techniques. Because of their handmade quality, none of First Stops’ wooden globes are the same, meaning that you’ll truly possess a one-of-a-kind treasure on which you can explore the world.

Elegant Gemstone

First Stop also offers a beautiful gemstone globe, which is the ultimate symbol of grace and sophistication. These unique and delicate gemstone globes make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who already seems to have everything. First Stop’s gemstone world globes are handmade with a variety of semi-precious stones, which are individually carved by hand into the shapes of the countries and continents.

Each lustrous gemstone globe from First Stop is beautifully inlaid with more than 25 semi-precious stones that have been hand-selected from countries around the world. When possible, the designers of these ornate gemstone globes even arrange the stones to display their country of origin. The final touch on First Stop’s gemstone globes is the careful addition of the longitude, latitude, and international date lines, which are made of delicate gold or silver thread. These luxurious gemstone globes from First Stop are sure to spark awe in everyone who gazes at their hand-crafted beauty.


If a traditional globe doesn’t fit your style, First Stop also offers a variety of contemporary globe designs. These minimalistic globes are crafted from the finest glass and metals available, and provide a clean, modern update to the classic globe look. In your modern office, a contemporary, clean-cut globe from First Stop will make a distinctive addition to your well-appointed desk.

Other Products from First Stop

When exploring your First Stop globe inspires you to get out there and experience the world first-hand, they have all of your travel needs covered. They offer top-of-the-line products such as luggage, travel bags, totes, and a variety of travel accessories to meet your electrical, safety, and comfort needs in any country.

So leave your cell phone and tablet at home and let your sophisticated style shine through with a globe from First Stop.  Whether you are searching for the perfect accessory for your office, or want to surprise your loved one with a truly unique gift, First Stop has the globe for you.