Wine Management System

eSommelier Wine Management System

eSommelier is your private wine cellar management system:

Why You Need A Wine Management System

Your wine collection is exquisite. You’ve worked hard to create it and have traveled all across the globe seeking out the finest wines available to expand it. You even sometimes view yourself as having officially reached “connoisseur” status based on the sheer magnitude of your impressive wine collection. Though you may think that you have a fairly good idea of the variety of wines that you own and where each bottle is located, as your collection grows, remembering every detail about each bottle is going to become harder and harder. You may have already experienced the tragic feeling of accidentally forgetting about a treasured bottle of wine, only to discover its existence after it’s too late to enjoy it.

The eSommelier

To prevent more of these wine tragedies from striking, you should incorporate eSommelier into your current wine collection. eSommelier is your personal, private wine cellar management system that simplifies how you store your wine. Gone are the days when you attempted to record the information about your wine collection on a spreadsheet or one of those cheap online management programs. With eSommelier, you get an intuitive, easy-to-use system that provides the most comprehensive data collection system available to wine collectors today.

How Does It Work?

For $3,995, eSommelier wine management system offers a simple, user-friendly interface that is easy for you to set up and begin using. Once you receive the eSommelier’s kit, you can install it in your cellar within minutes, and it takes only a few seconds to enter a bottle of wine into the system.

The Wine Management System

The Software and Hardware Unit

The cellar software system on eSommelier wine management system consists of three main parts. First is the touchscreen terminal. This 17-inch screen uses a plug-and-play system designed by wine experts who know what you want in your wine cellar management system. With its crystal clear screen, and bright, simple instructions, eSommelier’s touchscreen is sure to provide a pain-free and simple way for you to manage your wine collection. If you ever have a question about the bottles of wine in your collection, you can use the touchscreen to reveal all sorts of helpful information.

The Barcode Printer

The second aspect of eSommelier wine management system is the custom barcode printer. After you enter all of the pertinent information about a specific bottle of wine, such as the location, country, and vintage data, you can use the bar code printer to create a custom label to affix right on the bottle. You’ll use this bar code when you want to know more information about a bottle of wine, or when you’re ready to take a bottle out of your collection to enjoy.

The Handheld

The third aspect of eSommelier is the scanner, which is a wireless, handheld device that allows you to pull up wine information and check out your bottle. After printing a label for a particular bottle of wine, you can use eSommelier’s scanner to scan the bar code. Every piece of information you entered about that bottle of wine will then appear on the touchscreen. When you are ready to drink a bottle of wine, you can use the scanner to remove that particular bottle from your inventory database.

Enjoy Wine Collecting in Leisure

With eSommelier, you can leisurely peruse your wine collection and review your tasting notes, ratings, and even the wines’ drink dates. You can also search for wines in your collection based on different categories, like wine from a particular country, region, variety, winery, drink date, or cost. These helpful options are available by simply touching a few buttons on eSommelier.

Your wine collection is too impressive to not implement a high-quality management system. Plus, as your collection grows, it’s going to get more difficult to keep track of all of the wonderful qualities of each unique bottle. Use the eSommelier wine management system to simplify the management of your wine collection so you can focus on what matters: enjoying your fine wine.

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