tiny house by tiny heirloom a small grey house in a field with green trees in the background

Tiny Heirloom

Tiny Heirloom Tiny Houses

Tiny Heirloom creates custom luxury tiny houses:

Have you dreamed of leaving the complex, busy world behind to seek out a simpler, more relaxed life? Tiny Heirloom’s tiny houses can help you turn your big dreams into a small reality with a custom-built, tiny luxury home that you can tow with you wherever you go. The designers at Tiny Heirloom will listen intently to the description of your dream home, help you develop that design, and then scale everything down. The result is a one-of-a-kind, tiny home on wheels that will help you enjoy the little things in life. If you are looking to lead a more leisurely lifestyle and want to enjoy more of the great outdoors, one of Tiny Heirloom’s unique tiny houses could be the perfect solution for you.


Everything about your new tiny home from Tiny Heirloom is completely customizable, starting with the home’s exterior. The designers at Tiny Heirloom will work with you and their experienced engineers to create a tiny home that truly appeals to your senses. You will have the opportunity to make structural decisions about your tiny home, such as the length of the trailer and the steepness of the roof. You will also be included in making cosmetic decisions, like the material used to cover your tiny home and the paint or stain color to be applied. Whatever exterior design you can dream up for your tiny home, Tiny Heirloom can make it happen.


Using only the highest quality materials and fixtures, Tiny Heirloom’s goal is to create a tiny home that fits your lifestyle and meets all of your personal necessity requirements. Floor plans and interior designs are all available for customization to your preference. You can even emphasize to the Tiny Heirloom designers the type of room that is the most important to you, and the designer will create a custom design based on your specifications. Maybe you are a master chef who cooks all the time and needs a big kitchen. Perhaps you are looking for a bedroom that is fit for a king. Or maybe you want a room designated solely for entertainment. Tiny Heirloom designers can try to accommodate all of your interior design dreams for your tiny home. All you have to do is dream it up, and they’ll design it for you!

Powering Your Tiny Home

Style and design are important, but energy efficiency is another key aspect that goes into designing your tiny home. Whether you want to be plugged into the grid or live on a piece of land far away from civilization, Tiny Heirloom has options for you. Each Tiny Heirloom comes standard with on-grid plug-ins for both power and water. There are also many upgrades for off-grid capabilities, including a completely upgraded solar package, battery banks, wind turbines, and more! The options for powering your new tiny home are about as limitless as the design options. The Tiny Heirloom designers will make sure that your tiny home is efficiently powered using your preferred power source.

Tiny Heirloom lets you downsize without downgrading, and the designers will work hard to create a tiny home that truly accommodates your personality and lifestyle. Specializing in custom luxury homes on wheels, the team at Tiny Heirloom has over ten years of experience in delivering high-quality tiny homes to each of its customers. Everything about a Tiny Heirloom Home is completely customizable, whether it be the exterior and interior designs, or the power source used. With your imagination and Tiny Heirloom’s expertise, you can have a luxury home anywhere you park it.