Gocean submersibles floating in the ocean with an island in the background


What are Gocean Submersibles ?

Gocean is a world leader in the development and design of a class of submersibles known as semi-submarines and luxury submersibles.

Like submarines, semi-submarines and luxury submersibles are capable of diving. The key difference between the two is that a semi-submarine can’t be fully submerged below the water’s surface like an actual submarine can.

Why Choose Submersibles?

So what’s the purpose of a submarine-like vessel that can’t be completely submerged in water? Well, for starters, they provide an ultra-cool way to view a marine environment in an up close and personal manner.

The experience is similar to scuba diving – without the bulky gear and from the comfort of a cabin. Done looking out the underwater windows? Then leave the submerged cabin for the unsubmerged deck whenever you want.

Another common application for Gocean submersibles, aside from tourism includes research and surveillance. Because the vessels don’t need to be designed to withstand the high pressures of deep water travel, they’re very affordable compared to submarines of a similar size.

Alright – so what makes Gocean and their products stick out from the pack? In the case of the Penguin, Gocean’s premier model, the answer boils down to its safety, reliability, eco-friendliness, and ease of use.

Almost anyone can learn to pilot the Gocean Penguin in a few minutes. The controls are as simple and intuitive as they come.

More Details

The popularity of the Penguin has been booming as of late. Gocean markets the vessel as the ultimate in underwater exploration and above-water leisure.

Submerge the vehicle and a whole new world opens before your eyes. You’re able to see fish, coral, and other creatures without getting wet.

But the Penguin is just as effective for above the sea leisurely uses as well. When you’re done looking at the underwater environment, head above deck for fishing, sunbathing, or just plain old relaxation.

Eco-friendly Submersibles

Another key characteristic of the Gocean Submersibles Penguin is its eco-friendliness. The entire vessel is 100% electric. Not only does this ensure that no pollutants are discharged, but it also means powering the craft is very economical.

Also of interest is the Penguin’s navigation system. You power the semi-submarine in the same way as a car. It utilizes an accelerator pedal instead of a throttle to make piloting the vessel as easy and intuitive as possible.

The ease of use extends from the navigation system to the design of the craft’s propellers. Podded propulsion is used to ensure that the submersible turns quickly and easily.

Two other key details of the Penguin are its floating hull and extremely strong windows. The windows, in particular, keep passengers safe since they’re built of 25mm thick glass. They’re 200 times stronger than normal glass to minimize the risk of breakage as much as possible.

As for the floating hull, it’s mounted on the sides of the Penguin’s hull. The goal is to prevent the vessel from sinking in the event of an emergency. It provides almost infallible buoyancy for the utmost passenger protection.

It’s readily apparent that the Gocean Penguin is safe, high-performing, and very easy to use when you look at all of its details.

Buy Gocean Products

Gocean products can be bought directly from the company or, more commonly, from a dealer.

There are plenty of options to test out a Gocean semi-submarine before making a final purchase. Testing can be done at a dealer in your local area or at the company’s official testing facility in the Maldives.

The Penguin is currently the only model available from Gocean Submersibles. However, customized versions of the Penguin are available. Contact Gocean directly for more information related to these custom semi-submarines.

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