luxury pool tables a blue pool table with a bugatti

Rack ‘Em Up

Growing up in a small town that didn’t even have a movie theater left the teenagers of this town with not much to do. It was either drag racing, hanging on the street corners (this did not mean you were a degenerate), or like most of us sneaking into bars and shooting pool. I remember being in this dive bar, the only place that would let us in with fake ID’s, and my grandfather walking in (to this day I wonder what the heck he was doing there) instead of scolding me he started to teach me how to bank shots. I will never forget how much we bonded that night over a few games of pool. Back then it was your typical pool table that was seen in every bar and some luxury homes. Now, there are some pretty spectacular luxury pool tables out there. You can have them custom made to match your decor or even made to resemble your most memorable car. If you really want to step it up you can purchase an all carbon fiber table from Elysium. They say a lot of business deals and decisions are made on the golf course, I am not so sure about that I bet more decisions are made shooting a game of pool with a manhattan in one hand a big fat cuban stogie in the other. I still play every now and then, certainly not as well as I used to. I am not a big fan of going to billiard halls or to a bar to shoot pool. But, when I win the lottery and have a home large enough to fit  luxury pool tables it will be my first purchase. Not only will it keep me and my guests entertained and maybe close some huge business deals it will bring back some very fond memories.

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