218 Quandary View Drive

218 Quandary View Drive is a beautiful half-acre plot for sale in Breckenridge, Colorado:

Imagine owning a half acre of beautiful land outside of Breckenridge, Colorado, just 6 miles from the world-renowned ski resorts in Breckenridge. The idea, though wonderful, probably sounds too expensive for most people. It turns out that many people can afford this useful plot of land now that John Fischer, owner of Toys for Big Boys, has listed it at just $109,000.

Own a Property in Colorado

Anyone who has researched real estate in the Breckenridge area will immediately recognize this as a great deal. Just because you have enough money to purchase more expensive plots doesn’t mean you should. After all, knowing how to make smart financial decisions is one of the reasons Colorado now has more millionaires than ever.

The affordable price isn’t the only financial benefit you get, either. Littlehorn Engineering has agreed to offer a 50% discount on septic and other property surveys. This will help the new owner save thousands of dollars when developing the property. No matter how you plan to use the land, this is clearly a good investment.

Colorado’s marijuana industry is growing faster than any other state. In 2014, Colorado dispensaries sold 30% of the country’s legal marijuana. California sold 49%, but that’s an unfair comparison since it has over 38 million residents and Colorado has just over five million. Plus, California is one of the medical marijuana states. People can only buy medical marijuana with a doctor’s prescription. Colorado’s laws allow recreational use and let anyone over 21 years of age purchase and consume marijuana without legal repercussions.

A Great Property for the Second Home of a Marijuana Millionaire.

Cannabis cultivation has transformed Colorado’s economy. It will have an even greater impact over the next decade as more entrepreneurs find ways to commodify this plant and its effects. Thanks to this new industry, the state has new millionaires who have enough disposable income to buy valuable property.

A half-acre just six miles from Breckenridge would make a perfect place to build a vacation home. The lot is 12,000 feet above sea level. That will give you an unprecedented view that spans over a hundred miles. People who work hard need places where they can get away from the stress of making important business decisions. This plot near Breckenridge is a great getaway that will help business leaders recover from the stress of work. Instead of having to make reservations, they can visit their personal getaways whenever they want. Plus, the new owner will get to enjoy Colorado’s Rocky Mountains in private instead of sharing it with tourists who flock to popular resorts.

This is an excellent opportunity for the right person. At $109,000, it certainly won’t last long. Opportunities to purchase real estate in the area are few and far between. Colorado is a wonderful state with plenty of public land for people to enjoy. By purchasing your own plot, you can ensure that you have easy access to Colorado’s natural beauty whenever you need to get away and recharge. Contact John Fischer 01.561.239.0364 USA.

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