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Armori Steele Collectibles for Football

What is Armori Steele

Think of the most luxurious men’s jewelry you can imagine. Now add elements of sports and a lifestyle image marking customers as discriminating patrons with high-end taste, and you have Armori Steele. Billing themselves as “the world’s most luxurious sports lifestyle collection,” Armori Steele embodies ingenuity, art, power, and passion.

The Armori Steele collectibles include handcrafted pieces with handpicked diamonds, gold, precious gemstones, and true, authentic Swarovski crystals.

Sports Collectibles

Combining a love for sports with a passion for art and jewelry, the company is refined finesse meeting brute force. On the sports side, Armori Steele’s product offerings begin with a luxury hockey goalie mask collection, unlike anything you have ever seen before. Using wild inventiveness and the newest technology allows the company to produce an entirely new product – the most prestigious and elegant hockey mask you could imagine.

The hockey mask collection includes two models: The American Glory and The Redness of Pride. Both helmets feature hand-painted art, technological ingenuity, and unsurpassed jewelry craftsmanship. These collections are so exclusive they are limited to three recreations of each helmet – that is all that will ever be made.

Armori Steele also offers a luxury football helmet line called the Home of the Brave. These 24-karat pure gold-lined helmets immortalize America’s most well-known battles with hand-painted art. They also show some of America’s most iconic landmarks. Helmets also include authentic diamonds and Swarovski crystals. This collection will also be exclusive, with only six of each limited edition produced.

Various football helmet collectibles include America, Heroes of Today, Rough Riders, Viva Las Vegas, World at War, and Wall St.

In addition, Armori Steele’s men’s jewelry collectibles strive for greatness with sophisticated masculine designs radiating class, power, and elegance. These luxury rings are created with the highest-class materials, including gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten, and diamonds. Various collections are available, including the Classic Collection, the Gladiator Collection, the Emperor Collection, and the Signature Collection. The number of individual pieces in each collection varies.

More Details

If you have your idea for a unique creation, Armori Steele also offers personalized creations and custom orders. Whether you want to commemorate a unique life event or just add a custom piece to your home collection, Armori Steele’s creations will last forever. They also make excellent gifts when you are struggling to find that perfect piece for someone who has everything. Just contact the company with your idea, and they will work with you to make it a stunning reality.

Buy Armori Steele

Armori Steele’s handcrafted hockey masks include hand-painted art, handpicked diamonds, 24K pure gold foil, and authentic Swarovski crystals. The helmet has a heavyweight glass case with a cherry wood base and mirror. Hockey helmets start at $12,500.

Armori Steele’s handcrafted football helmets also include hand-painted art, 24K pure gold foil, and authentic Swarovski crystals. They are encrusted with 1.5K diamonds and come in a heavyweight glass case with a cherry wood base and mirror. Football helmets start at $12,500.

Individual pieces in the men’s ring collections range from about $350 to about $2,8000, depending on the ring chosen.

Armori Steele strives for greatness in the pieces they produce. If you are looking for a unique gift that conveys power, finesse, elegance, grace, and thoughtfulness, look no further. These are one-of-a-kind pieces that will bring years of satisfaction as you contemplate the uniqueness and fine craftsmanship of the piece you have purchased. If you need the perfect gift for the discriminating gentleman in your life, try an Armori Steele piece – or have them create one for you.

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