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What is Meridian Audio?

Meridian Audio was founded in 1977 with a simple goal – to put listeners at the heart of every recorded performance. Since that time, the company has been pushing the boundaries of sound and redefining what is actually possible along the way.

Forty years later, the goal has been accomplished, but that doesn’t mean Meridian is slowing down. The company’s multiple awards for its audio systems are just fuel to continue setting the bar high when it comes to consumer electronic audio systems for the home, office, and even the car.

Meridian offers a variety of audio systems to match your lifestyle. Whether you are at home, at work, at play, or just in between those areas, Meridian has a solution that will work perfectly for your situation. Every product has been meticulously designed and produced to end up with a high-end luxury product for discerning consumers who will never settle for less than the best.

More Details

Music Systems are not only engineered to unlock the heart and soul of your collection of music, they are designed to look spectacular while performing well. Products in this division include Reference systems, which deliver the full impact and scale of a live performance from your CD collection or from a streaming audio source. A Compact Music System for more intimate spaces is also available, as are loudspeakers developed through an approach that includes a high appreciation for contemporary design – just plug in your audio source to enjoy excellent audio output. In-wall speakers can remain almost completely hidden from view, but deliver the same performance as the free-standing speakers.

A Home Theater system is one of life’s true luxuries, and Meridian’s systems are among the best. The Reference system shows the highest performance available as you play back music and movies – both video and audio solutions will astonish you. The Design Inspired system provides eye-catching video service that gives images a cinematic quality that will surprise and delight.

Meridian offers Personal Audio solutions as well as the Meridian Explorer. The Explorer is a transportable device that connects to your computer by USB to deliver true Meridian sound quality far beyond what any computer sound card can provide. You can use the Explorer with several applications ranging from personal headphone enjoyment to full HiFi system listening.

Meridian Audio also works with high-end automotive partners who share their passion for innovation, quality, and luxury, including Jaguar and Land Rover. Meridian automotive audio systems are available in three different experiences – stereo, surround sound, and 3D surround sound. Each system uses Meridian’s best-in-class digital signal processing technology, along with precision crafting, to deliver an exceptional audio experience. These systems allow listeners to not just hear music, but to feel and appreciate it with the fullness and clarity of a live performance.

Buy Meridian Audio Products

Meridian Audio encourages customers to book an audition in one of the stores to check out the sound experience they are purchasing. When it comes to the incredible sound developed by Meridian, hearing really is believing, and Meridian products cannot be fully appreciated unless you are listening to them in person for yourself.

Meridian boutique stores and partner stores are available throughout London. The best way to book your own private audition is through Meridian Audio’s website. Product prices are not listed on the company’s website but are available in Meridian’s stores.

Customers will enjoy a month’s complimentary subscription to TIDAL with any purchase. TIDAL is Meridian’s high-resolution audio streaming service, which allows you to enjoy seamless streaming of an extensive library of music.

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