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What is Lopifit?

One of the most ingenious new devices geared towards exercise and viable eco friendly transportation is the Lopifit.

A combination of a treadmill and an electric walking bikee, Lopifit is unique to say the very least. So how did the idea for such a strange device come about?

It all started in a normal garage tucked away in a small village in The Netherlands. Inside, Bruin Bergmeester was working out on his cross trainer. Noticing the nice weather outside, he wondered how he could bring his treadmill outdoors.

Realizing there was no current solution, he set about creating the first electric walking bike. The result was the very first Lopifit.

The design of the bike has been fine-tuned and tailored since its creation. While the price tag for a Lopifit bike may seem pricy to some, it is actually at the low end of the quality electric bike market. Considering some of the amszing benefits this unique bike offers and the technology that went into inveting it, the price is very reasonable and it has become one of the most popular new trends in the world of health and fitness.

In short, the bike revolutionizes the treadmill. It allows you to reap the same rewards of treadmill exercise without being stuck in a single place.

More Details

Take a treadmill and an electric bike, mash them together, and the result is the Lopifit electric walking bike.

Heralded by the company as “a totally new way of moving,” the electric walking bike is the perfect solution for those looking to spice up their tired exercise routine.

The contraption uses an electric assist 48V battery to make movement outdoors easy. In other words, like a treadmill, you walk on the surface of the Lopifit by pushing the tread back with your feet. Simply step onto the machine and start walking – the motor automatically recognizes that the machine is in use and engages the treadmill. Then all you do is continue to walk.

The Lopifit bike has five gears and travels over ground at speed of approximately 3 MPH to almost 20 MPH and can cover upto 50 miles distance on a single battery charge. With this bike you get the chance to have the breeze blowing throguh your hair allowing you to take ijn more scenery and travel greater distances than you would on a tradional bike. And I do not know about you, but another great benefit of the Lopifit is you will never have a sore rear end from sitting on those uncomfortable traditional bicycle seats.

The Lopifit also utilizes a freewheel function. It includes this to increase the overall safety of the machine. It’s particularly important when you’re riding the machine down a hill.

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The Lopifit is basically set up like a regular bike except for the seat and peddles. It comes with hand breaks on the handlebars connected to top of the line disc brakes on the wheels which makes it very easy to stop or reduce your speed as needed.

Of course, the electric bike is fun and easy to ride and makes for a great exercise, but it’s also great for the environment. Many people have turned to the device as a green way to commute to work, school or even trips to the grocery store, doctors appointments etc. instead of using gas powered vehicles all while enjoying a very low impact high cardio high fat and calorie buring quality workout.

Every single item is built from the highest quality components. Although only one model is currently available, this model comes in several color options.

Each comes with a handful of features that are worth mentioning. LED lighting, an electric-driven motor, and a handy luggage rack are the most important.

Another great thing about investing in Lopifit is the company’s commitment to their customers. They want you to be 100% happy with their products. If you ever need help with your bike, the company’s expert repair team will help get your problem sorted out in short order.

Buy Lopifit Products

Head online to www.TheWalkingBike.com to check out this amazing new way of moving.

The electric walking bike is currently available in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The devices will soon be available throughout Europe as well as in India.

Though prices vary depending on location, they’re currently marked at $2,895.00US (plus shipping and handling) on the company’s website.

Contact Lopifit directly for specific information on pricing and shipping to your location.

Get In On The Ground Floor

If you are the entreprerneurial type or looking for a new and exciting career opportunity, or something to keep you a little businer in retirement, consider becoming a Lopifit dealer or rental gallery or sightseeing tour operator. There are even countrywide distributorships still available in certain countries.

If you are interested in representing these bikes in your community or throughout your town, state or country, go to the website and fill out the contact us form. A Lopifit representative will get back with you right away to answer your questions and explore what opportunities might be available in your area.

*Product is currently out of stock due to high demand and Covid related production issues. If you are interested in being put on a Reservation List please submit a contact form for more info!*