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What are Master Dynamic Headphones?

A relative newcomer to the headphone game, Master Dynamic is already making waves in the industry.

The company’s wide range of headphones, earphones, and accessories contains a little something for everyone. Every single product is built with the utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail. All of them are stylish and beautiful.

Based out of New York City, Master Dynamic follows a simple philosophy. The premium audio company is committed to sound quality. Yet they don’t do things the same way as so many other companies out there. They take a creative approach to crafting some of the best audio products on the market.

This philosophy is exactly what translates into their innovative product line. Never satisfied, the team at Master Dynamic continues to tweak their products until perfection is achieved.

So what features help set Master Dynamic apart?

Let’s start with the durability of their headphones and earphones. Heavy-duty materials combined with state-of-the-art technology ensure their products last for years. All of the components used can easily be changed out and replaced if damaged.

The materials used have benefits beyond durability though. Sourcing the finest premium leather and stainless steel gives Master Dynamic a luxury appeal like no other. Their products are some of the most aesthetically pleasing headphones you’ll find.

Of course, a set of headphones is useless without great sound quality. Luckily, the natural, detailed, smooth sound provided by Master Dynamic is without parallel. The tuning is designed to capture the widest range of sounds, from as many different genres, as possible.

More Details

In just a few short years, Master Dynamic has already pumped out an impressively diverse product line. They currently offer 3 headphone models, 3 earphone models, and a variety of accessories.

Master Dynamic headphone models include:

  • MW60 – The MW60 are Master Dynamic’s wireless over-ear headphones. They’re available in 3 attractive colorways.
  • MH40 – The MH40 is Master Dynamic’s flagship model. The over-ear headphones are available in 7 different colorways.
  • MH30 – The most affordable Master Dynamic offering, the MH30 is the company’s foldable on-ear headphones. This model is available in 5 colorways.

Master Dynamic earphone models include:

  • ME05 – Created from custom brass, the sound quality of Master Dynamic’s ME05 earphones is unparalleled. Available in 2 colorways.
  • ME03 – The ME03 is Master Dynamic’s midrange earphone. They’re compact, classic, and available in 2 colorways.
  • ME01 – Also available in 2 colorways, the ME01 earphone might be Master Dynamic’s most affordable offering, but the sound quality is still almost impossible to beat.

Among the many additional accessories sold by Master Dynamic are boom mics, headphone stands, ear pads, and a variety of replacement parts.

Because their flagship model, the MH40 headphone, is their best-selling, let’s focus on its specific details.

The MH40 is constructed of premium materials including heavy grain leather and soft lambskin, steel components, neodymium drivers, a forged aluminum body, and oxygen-free copper woven cables.

The combination of these components is a product that’s unmatched. The MH40 is one of the most luxurious, beautiful, and comfortable headphones around. Wear these and you’ll stand out without sticking out.

Buy Master Dynamic Products

The best way to buy Master Dynamic products for yourself is to visit their website. All of their luxury products are available for purchase from their online store.

As for prices, their headphones range from $549 for the MW60 down to $329 for the MH30. Special, limited edition versions are also available for $1,000 and up.

Master Dynamic earphones range from $199 for the ME05 to $129 for the ME01.

Contact Master Dynamic directly with the information provided on their website with questions.

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