Lotus Belle Tents

Lotus Belle Tents

Lotus Belle Glamping Tents

Lotus Belle Tents bring the glamour to camping:

Do you like to camp, but find that the woman in your life is not the outdoorsy type? Then you better inform your lady that the future of camping is here! With Lotus Belle Glamping Tents, you can revamp your entire camping experience into one that the whole family can enjoy. Considered to be more livable than the “nylon-nightmare” tents that have been used for decades, Lotus Belle Tents are made from high-quality canvas that is meant to last for years.

Extensive testing has ensured that Lotus Belle Glamping Tents are completely waterproof and can comfortably weather some serious storms. The ten supporting tent poles and multiple guy ropes mean the tent will stay upright and stable in tough winds. The thick canvas walls and tough groundsheet are durable, and with a little modification, the tents can safely and easily accommodate a burner flue. The tents are small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars and simple enough that a single person should have no problem setting one up in twenty minutes. Lotus Belle provides everything you need to camp in style and comfort and has a variety of versions available to fit your needs.

13 Foot Lotus Belle Tent, $1,800 (currently sold out)

This is Lotus Belle’s core tent model. It is made of a cream canvas and is 13 feet in diameter at the base. At waist height, the Lotus Belle Glamping Tents are about 14 and a half feet in diameter. It comes with a 6-and-a-half food wooden center pole and PVC see-through windows.

13-Foot Lotus Belle Outback Tent, $1,950

The Outback is similar to the original Lotus Belle, but it has a few additional features. These include zippable mesh doors, windows, and rectangular panels on the back wall, as well as bigger roof vents. The Outback is more versatile than the original Lotus Belle and is perfect for hotter, dryer summers. Additionally, the mesh screens make it virtually insect-proof. You can also get your Outback in a brilliant shade of red, a limited edition Lotus Belle which costs $2,300.

13-Foot Lotus Belle Outback Deluxe, $2,100

The Outback Deluxe has all the features of the Outback, but also includes a second door to the rear of the tent and Velcro flaps to join the walls to the groundsheet, making it even more secure. For only $50 more, you can add a burner hole to your Outback Deluxe.

16-Foot Lotus Belle Tent, $2,250 (currently sold out)

This 16-foot version of the Lotus Belle Tent is 56% larger than the 13-foot version. It comes in a cream canvas design, and is 16 feet in diameter at the base, 18 feet in diameter at waist height, and has a 10-and-a-half-foot center pole.

The 16 Foot versions of the Lotus Belle Tent are also available in the Outback version, with the zipable mesh door and windows, for $2,400 (which is currently sold out), and the Outback Deluxe version, with the extra rear door, for $2,700. Like the 13-foot version, you can also add a burner hole to your 16-foot Outback Deluxe for only $50, or get a limited edition red version for $2,800.

Lotus Pearl Tent, $400

For only $400, these smaller Lotus Belle Glamping tents are designed for two people. It’s perfect for music festivals or a quick camping getaway on the motorcycle. But don’t be afraid that this smaller tent is not as durable as its bigger versions. The Lotus Pearl is made of the same highly waterproof and breathable canvas as the Lotus Belle and has a completely waterproof and durable PVC floor.

Lotus Belle Porch Tent, $220 (13 Foot) and $280 (16 Foot)

Extend the living area of your Lotus Belle with the Lotus Belle Porch tent, a covering that attaches to the outside of your Lotus Belle Tent. Made using a canvas that is slightly thinner than that of the Lotus Belle Tent (but still thicker than most other canvas tents on the market), the Porch tent is available to fit the 13-foot and 16-foot Lotus Belle models, for only $220 or $280, respectively.

If you’re ready for an all-new, deluxe version of camping, it’s time to invest in your Lotus Belle Tent today.