rings Tournaire Architecture Rings feature a ring of the Kremlin

Tournaire Architecture Rings

Tournaire Architecture Rings

The by Philippe Tournaire lets you wear your favorite buildings on your finger via rings:

The architecture of some buildings is so exquisite that we can’t help but want to be able to view those buildings over and over again. Now, rather than having to revisit far-away cities or look at the innate architectural genius of a building in a two-dimensional picture, you can have a miniature version of your favorite architectural buildings with you all the time. With the Architecture Collection by Philippe Tournaire, you can wear your favorite buildings on your finger.

Philippe Tournaire: Artist to His Fingertips

Philippe Tournaire is the genius behind these miniature masterpieces. As a man with a thirst for creativity, Philippe Tournaire weaves his magic by skillfully combining precious metals and stones with the history of art and science. For more than forty years, Philippe Tournaire has worked hard to develop his own distinctive rules of harmony and uses a superb blend of colors, symbolic architecture, and a keen eye for detail in creating rings that depict your favorite buildings. Philippe Tournaire has always been a firm believer in the idea that success does not come from simply applying the skills learned, but rather from being creative and adapting oneself to the design piece and its world.

The Process

Creating these exquisite architecture rings is no easy task. As with any truly unique masterpiece, each ring is crafted with care in a multi-stage process.

First is the actual creation of the architecture ring, in which the art is translated from an idea into sketches. The true architectural ring masterpieces are the result of Philippe Tournaire’s countless hours of reflection and research. After the idea is conceptualized, precious stones are thoughtfully chosen for each architectural ring. Every creation by Philippe Tournaire has its own, appropriate personality, and each stone is unique and as close to perfection as possible, like the actual buildings that these rings replicate.

The Diamond

When choosing which glorious diamonds to incorporate into the architectural rings, Philippe Tournaire considers several factors, including the size (Cut), the color, the weight (Carat), and the clarity. Philippe Tournaire uses his expertise in the light and the laws of distribution to determine the proportions that will give the perfect fire, brightness, and sparkle to each diamond he uses in his architectural ring designs. The most obvious and attractive feature of a gemstone is its color, and this is generally what will draw you into your favorite architectural rings. Philippe Tournaire uses a variety of colorful gemstones to capture the true beauty of the architecture his rings represent. Additionally, Philippe Tournaire works effortlessly to find the right weight and clarity in each diamond and gemstone he uses. In the end, your unique architecture ring will handsomely shine, thanks to Philippe Tournaire’s dedication to perfecting each and every piece he creates.

The Castings of the Rings

After the creation of an individual architecture ring’s design comes the actual manufacturing of the piece. Using the long-forgotten wax casting process, Philippe Tournaire creates a mold and produces a replica of the final jeweled product. Once the prototype is approved, a wax negative of the mold is created, and eventually, the precious metals are heated up and injected into this mold. After the metal is cooled, the piece is ready to be refined, altered, and polished.

The Finishing Process

These finishing touches are where each piece of tiny architecture is smoothed and embellished to achieve a flawless result. One of the last stages of completing each architecture ring is setting the gemstones into the piece. Once the precious stones and diamonds are set on the jewel, the final polishing process begins, resulting in a magical creation that captures the essence of your favorite architectural aspects.

If you’ve been searching for a unique way to remember your favorite architectural phenomenon, Philippe Tournaire’s Architecture Collection is right up your alley. Each of his designs is as unique as the buildings they replicate, and are handmade using only the finest materials. Surprisingly recognizable, Philippe Tournaire’s Architecture Rings are the perfect way to view a miniature model of your favorite buildings every day, no matter where in the world their inspirations are located.

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