luxury furniture by Kirk McGuire a bronze octopus glass table

Furniture That Are Works of Art

Everyone should have a piece of luxury furniture that not only stands out as a table, chair, bar or whatever but, it should also be a piece of art.  Kirk McGuire has done just that!  He has managed to make his art into exquisite luxury furniture that are not only the talk of the town but a must have for the home that has everything.  High detailed hot cast bronze, each a “one of a kind”, whimsical in every way!

There ar four different models each with its own story to tell.  I had a tough time choosing my favorite.  Between the octopus, squid, Leafy sea dragon, and the Morya eel all with their own personalities I decided to go with the octopus.

Another luxury furniture site that has a different approach is Maximo Riera if you are looking for something different and unique, something that combines a love of wildlife with a love of eclectic pieces that lead to conversations every single time someone new comes across them then Maximo has it!  They are a striking combination of high-end sculpture and furniture. The animals are lifelike, biologically accurate and in some cases, life-sized.

Check out the one of a kind piece of luxury art and luxury furniture that would look exquisite in your home.